989-472 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Christian says:

      well halleluya.. I got that same email.. for a bunch of my horse T shirts....

    2. Jamison says:

      they keep calling my phone and hanging up.

    3. Man says:

      Yes many texts who is this person in wtf do they want..?

    4. Rudy says:

      what this number block please

    5. Fabian says:

      School System. I am not a student

    6. Garrett says:

      sent me a text spam on January 24, 2012 offering $1400 loan todaywww.quickvipfunds.comsays to reply with "stop" to no longer get these spams but I did not, thinking that is exactly what they wanted, some kind of reply...we shall see

    7. Darryl says:

      Wanting me to lower credit dare interest rate .. I dont own a credit card

    8. Clemente says:


    9. Gino says:

      Also received a text from this number saying the same thing about a $1000 gift card. I don't have straight talk or any phone from walmart. I am wondering how they got my number to start with :/

    10. Vern says:

      EVERYONE, PLEASE READ......I called the CRTC and this is what they told me to do. If you answer, dont press any numbers on any unknown local calls. If you do press a button, you get put on their auto dailer and may get up to 60 calls a day. They get old business numbers from Canada or USA and they're calling you from india. And yes i got the same message, google business etc They call me on the home and cell phone.

    11. Dorian says:

      I get called by this number at least twice a day. I have no bills in collection or even late, so I have no idea why they would be calling me.

    12. Numbers says:

      They are crooks and garbage.

    13. Margarito says:

      Received two strange text messages from this number that were of a slightly creepy nature.

    14. Hong says:

      I received a call from a 516-515-7563 which is a number in the state of New York.  A man with a very thick accent left me a message to call 209-729-3856 (which is a number in California) AS SOON as I got his message.  He said with a thick accent, "don't disregard this message...if you do, then I wish you good luck".  This is a total SCAM!!!! Do not call this person and do not give him ANY personal information.  I don't know how he has my number.

    15. Jewell says: