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    1. Darrick says:

      828 209 0691 calls my home phone daily. being registered on a DO NOT CALL LIST is useless; never stops the unwanted calls-

    2. Noah says:

      When I asked him to take me off t he list he said no.

    3. Bo says:


    4. Larry says:

      keeps calling and wont leave a message? I called back yesterday and a girl answered and said she did not call?? 256-457-3971

    5. Marco says:

      they called and never identified the credit company they represented, it was a automated voice,they said if i wanted to lower my credit card interest rare to press one, never said who the credit card company, i am being sued by a credit card company, sounds fishy

    6. Preston says:

      Not spam its charter cable tech

    7. Milo says:

      wish who ever would stop texting my number.

    8. Santiago says:

      Here's a copy/paste that will help to stop this caller; These guys wouldn't quit calling even though I wasn't answering the call. Then I decided to figure out a way to stop them and came across a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers. I called 307 223 0458 and after giving them the caller's phone number, they confirmed it was on their list so I gave the receiving phone number and since then I haven't gotten anymore calls so I wanted to pass this along to help others.

    9. Scotty says:

      Two days in a row I have received robo-calls from this number and both times I have told them I am on the Do Not Call list and both times they said they would remove my number.

    10. Peter says:

      creeps on the other line. let my boyfriend answer and he chewed them a new one

    11. Terry says:

      This is an organization which is trying to raise money for Al Queda,  These people are demented, but apparently very determined to annoy everyone until they are paid their "ransom" for stopping the annoying calls.  This needs to be reported by each recipient of the calls to the FBI until the perpetrators are found and appropriate actions taken against these criminals.

    12. Carlton says:

      I got the same about bad credit etc. I replied STOP and I hope it does

    13. Harry says:

      Keeps calling....I don't answer and they never leave a message...tired of this type of harassment..losers!

    14. Brendan says:

      Got a couple of calls but turns out I know this person very well.

    15. Wiley says:

      Keep getting uninvited calls from these crazy people that speak very broken english. I AM on the DNC List.