985-503 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 985-503-7347
  • 985-503-7348
  • 985-503-7349
  • 985-503-7350
  • 985-503-7351
  • 985-503-7352
  • 985-503-7353
  • 985-503-7354
  • 985-503-7355
  • 985-503-7356
  • 985-503-7357
  • 985-503-7358
  • 985-503-7359
  • 985-503-7360
  • 985-503-7361
  • 985-503-7362
  • 985-503-7363
  • 985-503-7364
  • 985-503-7365
  • 985-503-7366
  • 985-503-7367
  • 985-503-7368
  • 985-503-7369
  • 985-503-7370
  • 985-503-7371
  • 985-503-7372
  • 985-503-7373
  • 985-503-7374
  • 985-503-7375
  • 985-503-7376
  • 985-503-7377

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    1. Shayne says:

      pick up and hang up is the best way to avoid these idiots. Spam!

    2. Thad says:

      I received a textl on my cell phone: "Your entry for a drawing WON a FREE $1,000 BestBuy Giftcard! and I was given a number to enter at

    3. Alfonzo says:

      Help.they keep bugging me.

    4. Lindsay says:

      They called from 209-233-6359 at 12:37am on December 13, 2009.  Why???  Who knows but they rang my phone for what seemed to be nothing less than an eternity.  I never picked it up.  They have some nerve!!!

    5. Rudolf says:

      I got a call frm them today and advised them that if they kept calling I wouldsue them. The information that they gave me does not add up. They stated that the loan was deposited into an account that didn't even exist at that time.

    6. Stefan says:

      Retard called from this number and in a thick accent starting referencing fictitious credit card debt "of five thousand dollars". "What credit card might that be?" I asked. "The credit card that you have," he says. LOL.

    7. Edward says:

      You've won the $100 BestBuy Card drawing. Get your prize now at www.winningpage.net/?id=

    8. Joesph says:

      This is an automated call from a collection agency looking for the wrong person. They don't give the option to tell them I'm not the person they're looking for. They call at least once a day for the past 2-3 weeks and I don't know how to make them stop

    9. Alphonse says:

      hi this is tom with home protection

    10. Salvador says:

      Asking for some one i dont know

    11. Wade says:

      I have been getting calls from cal pal asking for donations, i asked them not to call any more so then they start calling and hanging up on me. now I get a call from "todataoa" and they ask for my wife, here I see its cal pal again. They are bordering on harassment, we will give to whom we want when we want. But I never give money to cold calls so i can pay for somebodys six figure a year non-profit salary.

    12. Rolf says:

      They asked me to update my credit card info. I don't even have one.

    13. Erik says:

      Keep getting calls and hang ups.

    14. Porter says:

      broadvox LLC this is what comes up on caller id

    15. Alonso says:

      received calles in the middle of the night from this number