980-487 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Kendall says:

      This number is most definitely from the St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg. This is how they show up when made from an internal extension.

    2. Glenn says:

      The number called but left no message.

    3. Lavern says:

      We keep getting calls, messages and letters from DCS, Inc.  This evening I received a message from Andrea that just said "Pick up Steve, I know you are there... Steve, please pick up it is Andrea and it is important call me back ok?"  I called the phone number back (after getting it on caller id, because she didn't even leave a number) and she said that she needed my husband to call her back.  I told her "no way, why did you leave that message on my voice mail?"  I then got the run around with her saying that maybe it was Stacy who left the message. She hung up on me several times and I continued to call her back.  I eventually asked for her manager and she laughed at me so I asked her who her boss was and she told me that Andrea was (the girl who originally left the message).  Oh, I was sooo mad!  I asked who the president of the company was and was told I could find all of that information on line.  So, when I started looking it up I came to this website.  You have got to be kidding me!!  How do these people stay in business!!!

    4. Nicolas says:

      This company will not stop calling id says "vacation travel"...

    5. Rolf says:

      Do any of you use Nutrisystem? I got a call from this number too and I use Nutrisystem. Just wondering if there is a connection.

    6. Moshe says:

      Called my office and asked for me. When I responded that I was the person they had requested, they hung up. Listing said unassigned. When I called back, there was a recording saying this number was unassigned.

    7. Marcelino says:

      It was.a website but I could not make out the name

    8. Robin says:

      It was an unknown number.

    9. Ezequiel says:

      Whitepages reported caller asking for political donations

    10. Jamel says:

      two calls today from that number. When I dialed the number it said the number was disconnected. I never got a live person.

    11. Luigi says:

      I am so sick of getting calls from this number.  Every day and sometimes  twice a day.  Enough already. When I answer the phone no one is there.  I don't know who exactly is calling.  Never get an answer.

    12. Werner says:

      They never leave a message. Call during the day and after 9pm at night! I called back once and you are put on hold with message that an agent will be right with you. I hung up. Very annoying, and they just keep calling. I'm assuming this is a telemarketer.

    13. Abraham says:

      For years these people have been calling me asking for Judy Hall. I am not Judy Hall. Don't know Judy Hall. I ask them to stop, but they continue to call. Once they called at 2:38 am....yes, am!! Must be some kind of a scam for the fact that they are harassing me does not matter to them at all!!!!

    14. Brant says:

      Caller id shows California and number, didn't leave a message. So it's now blocked on my 250 number call block Pansonic phone.

    15. Cyril says:

      Sent me a spam text message, get these sometimes, dunno why, claimed I had won a 500 dollar gift card and posted a suspicious link I don't dare click disguised to look like targets with extra lettering