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    1. Andrea says:

      I just got a call and didn't answer and he left a voice mail that said I have to be in Los Angeles for court in two weeks and that he is going to send the law after me at my house and my work .

    2. Heath says:

      The person calling your house is Jon AHola,  he calls alot of houses.  He prefers if only the women are home.

    3. Robert says:

      They were talking about lowering my interest rates on my credit cards.

    4. Jefferey says:

      This person is a prank caller. I missed cazll from this number and called back and they answered Cremation servive, you killem and we grill them. Very distasteful

    5. Darren says:

      I'm in the UK and I had a missed call from this number Thursday 22nd September!!!!  It's scary that they apparently have bank details etc!!  I'm speaking to my bank on Monday!!!

    6. Dennis says:

      I got this my office number.. May I know whose concern to call my office number

    7. Marcelino says:

      received a call from this number - was told by an automated voice to answer questions to receive 2 free tickets for a cruise. i knew this was a scam, but answered the questions anyways. when i was finally put through to the operator, a brain damaged drug taking alcohol laden female dog came on and immediately asked me for my name... i told her to put me on the do not call list and was instantly berated. she said she didn't have to. i proceeded to advise her she was obligated to do so. she hung up. is too bad the penalty for this type of call isn't death.

    8. Claud says:

      Nice professional guy looking to collect. I called back but the guy was at lunch. I'm not sure if it is a valid claim, but I closed a business, so I would think that it would have something to do with that.

    9. Randolph says:

      Didn't say anything...recorded voice just said hello

    10. Brock says:

      A recording the name said its Steve, saying I took an online survey (lie) and I have won a $2600 gift towards a trip to Cancun,Mexico.

    11. Hugh says:

      Also, past 72 hours... I sent an e-mail to my corporate slumlord, CONIFER REALTY, LLC (Rochester, NY) - (affiliated with a NYS Rep Politician, as I suspect both of mass corruption) --- stating that I am of the opinion that they should be removed and blackballed from obtaining government tax monies in grant form to continue providing housing in association with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, due to their inability to maintain health and safety standards in my project... 12759, NY. How did my country rise beyond successful to "disgraceful"?

    12. Jeremy says:

      Sorry you could not be a good father to jayden

    13. Dan says:

      two calls - on the second could not understand what he said

    14. Joan says:

      Do not know the owner of this number. But I am on the do not call list.

    15. Scottie says:

      Person seemed very articulate, informative, andprovided answers to my questions. A very kind individual.