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    1. Kraig says:

      two calls from this number. left no message.

    2. Jules says:

      same thing happened to me. im from norway too!! creepy :(

    3. Gerald says:

      Calls and asks you to call it back but never gives a number! Calls 3 times a day

    4. Patricia says:

      Kid signed me up on internet fir crap. This is a joke

    5. Haywood says:

      PRB, you're my hero. Can you supply me with more info some my company can also do the same? We get two or three of these calls a day- not including the ones in which the sales person actually asks you a direct sales question (IE: "Where do you currently buy uyour toner?") which is also greeted with a phone slam.

    6. Sid says:

      insurance marketing telemarketing

    7. Delmer says:

      came at 9:09 a.m. i didn't answer. no message left.

    8. Cecil says:

      weird random call asking for my brother... what the hell

    9. Reuben says:

      I called them back from an unregistered prepaid phone. No answer.

    10. Desmond says:

      Ns2PrB <a href="http://ljorpihcvsys.com/">ljorpihcvsys</a>

    11. Rhett says:

      they called me and i called back and the person was sounding like an old weird witch..it was horrible laughing wierdly the whole time and saying weird staff like "silly rabbit" and constantly laughing like a witch

    12. Ryan says:

      Guy keeps calling from this # wanted to speak to my wife,when I tell him she's at work & could I relay a message to her he hangs up.

    13. Bruno says:

      I received a couple calls from this number a couple weeks ago and I spoke to a man who sounded like he had some problems or something.  He told me that I had won a trip to Florida but that I had to pay out of my pocket to get to Florida to claim my prize.  I actually do have magazine subscriptions but I never authorized anybody to enter me in any kind of sweepstakes.  I told the man I had no interest in this and to not call this number again.  He was real weird with me then he hung up.  This past Saturday and Sunday I was out all day each day and this number appeared on my caller ID again.  I am so fed up with this.

    14. Lucien says:

      4 calls from this number today. No one on other end. Very frustrating as I have been very sick/in bed. :(

    15. Williams says:

      Been getting steady calls - WCA Internet survey non-sense, very frustrating, just hang up.