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    1. Hilton says:

      I am unemployed please stop bullying me!

    2. Kennith says:

      "U S" as caller id, didn't leave a message. that was the first time they called

    3. Tom says:

      Trying to get me to give them money.

    4. Branden says:

      If you get an automated voice thin an ex number its facke

    5. Damien says:

      Four back to back texts trying to scam me on a Craigslist item I have for sale.

    6. Mickey says:

      who are these people calling!  how they get my number!

    7. Rolland says:

      Made an inquire into Medical insurance online.  I have received repeated calls from this number. In one day 8 calls were made to my phone.  I answered one and told them not to be calling me and to remove my number from their list.  The person hung up.  Received two calls not 10 minutes apart this morning.

    8. Alfredo says:

      idk nuhn about dis website y dnt u jus i.m me on yahoo under terrance.douglas83@yahoo.com or jus tex my number

    9. Basil says:

      This is the 1st time Ive seen this number and it called but left no msg like 3 times today. I called back and got some guy asking for someone and told them it wasnt but he proceeded to ask me if I knew who it was or how to get a msg to them. I told him if I didnt know who it was how could I possibly get a msg to them and his statement was, "Well, if youre going to be a smart alec I wont remove your number and we will keep calling you". I just hung up on him.

    10. Walter says:

      His name is Eugene and he is calling and texting threating, harresting me

    11. Bob says:

      The caller ID of my cell phone gets 1 (206) 241-5962.  I also am in area code 512.  I have previously received calls from unknown US numbers that were calls from Mexico.  I don't know if this is the case this time since many who received a call from this number live in the same area code(512) and there is no answer.

    12. Coy says:

      Called and no one responded when I said hello.

    13. Michale says:

      I added this number to my block call list and then dialed the number to find out where the call came from. The company is called National Asset Recovery.

    14. Geraldo says:

      would like to know who called me  Thank you Linda

    15. Erin says:

      They just kept repeatedly calling.