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    1. Lincoln says:

      Did not ans. They left no msg.

    2. Harlan says:

      He said he was goin to kill me and he was goin to gett his girl to beat me up

    3. Salvador says:

      I own a bike shop in oregon and received an email requesting thousands of spark plugs.  I humored the request and wrote a quote for the order.  He requested it be shipped to Lagos Island Nigeria,  he gave three Visa card numbers to have the total amount paid evenly.  I contacted Visa and am waiting for their response,  all three cards had three different peoples names but the email stated they should have all been a Lana Lang as the card holder.  THIS IS A SCAM!! I have not and will not ship anything nor will i run the credit card numbers given because this is obviously fraud.

    4. Kenny says:

      Called and asked for me by name, but with an Asian accent. I tried asking who it was but all they said was "this is Michelle, sorry for bothering you." Then hung up.

    5. Roberto says:

      Pre-recorded Spanish message. I pressed "0", and it hung up immediately. No idea what it was about. My Spanish is very rusty.

    6. Emmanuel says:

      Regarding CC debit. Just another telemarketer

    7. Royce says:

      I received one today. After answering there was a pause and then a, "Good Buy" and a hang up was all I got.

    8. Dion says:

      He has scammed 5 - 9 people out of money ..... Selling Items he has never delivered. A toatl of at least $3000.00+ Trying to get his current address to proceed with a small claims suit.

    9. Alexander says:

      Got a text from 208- 987-9275 that reads: bit.ly/1dj9Ba8 ,that worked for Laura. Deleted it immediately! I have no idea who or for what this is. Second one in two weeks

    10. Granville says:

      simalir call from number 1-013-24(thats what caller ID said) but he said i was being sued by Attorney office and he needed to talk to me about time sensitive material. the number he left to call back was 209-623-4683 he had a middle eastern accent and said he needed to talk to my lawer. How can i file a case he keeps calling me over and over again and harrassing me!

    11. Carmelo says:

      She's a ghetto hoe that works at home depot and tries to fuxk co workers

    12. Mac says:

      Received text saying "Bank Alert" call 270 605 8969. Called & got voice mail saying there was a bank glitch on my debit card & to enter my 16 bit number. Coincidentally I had just written a large check (much larger than normal) so I thought about it a while but realized it was a scam and hung up. ...

    13. Ian says:

      This number just called my office. I called back and as soon as the message came on it said do you want to be placed on our do not call list? Press 1... Too Weird

    14. Mario says:

      telemarketer for diabetic supplies

    15. Abram says:

      calling about my Windows computers l asked all kinds of questions than was hung up on.