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    1. Cordell says:

      I got a call from his number today on nt mobile [cell] phone in the UK.

    2. Hilton says:

      I got the same thing, only I didnt answer any of his questions. I asked him to repeat the company name and his name he said it was JV Positions, and his name was Joeseph Peters, then hung up. I tried calling back, and no ring, just a long pause then busy signal. I even resorted to googling the company name, and the closest i found was JV Industrial, out of Texas. I called them, and spoke with a woman who said they would NOT have called me for that reason, or ask me any of that info about completing an online job survey.

    3. Micah says:

      Repeated calls. Thank you Mr. Number for blocking this!!

    4. Lindsey says:

      He likes to just Txt random letters over and over constantly

    5. Jewel says:

      service to get out of timeshare

    6. Broderick says:

      They say please hold this call is important and then hangs up this call come in to my phone about 2 to 3 time a fn day really whoever this is can you day fn harassment

    7. Eusebio says:

      Received call on 5/28/2011.  They did not leave a message.

    8. Waldo says:

      Some marketing company that wants to put real estate agents on the front page of Bing.com  "Free Offer" for me in this area.

    9. Sammie says:

      Today I got a call from the same company, but a restricted number.

    10. Claude says:

      Political survey with a cruise trip promo for participating. Wants your credit card number. Sounds like fraud.

    11. Galen says:

      I foolishly called back number because I thought it was a friend in Portland. It locked up my phone.

    12. Vito says:

      creepy old person calling random numbers to "talk to someone."

    13. Dwayne says:

      It's a gambling thing that calls day and night - several times a day.  The tend to start their calls first thing in the morning usually waking up everyone.  They either ask for Richard or when you pick up they say Thank You for calling (like you called them). They go by you wager and first fidelity (which sounds like a bank name).  I've been put on hold, hung up on you name it and no matter how many times you tell them to STOP calling they keep calling.  I'm on the Do Not Call list - I don't gamble - I don't and never had an account with them - and there is NO one here named Richard.

    14. Bradford says:

      I received a very explicit picture message from this number. I did not respond, as I believed that the message was a virus/spam. If it continues, I will report this number for sexual harassment.

    15. Daron says:

      This is a credit card co offering to "lower your interest rate". When you press one, you get a person. When you ask them not to call again, they hang up. They've called me about 100 times!