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    1. Virgilio says:

      Called my cell phone--no message.

    2. Mervin says:

      Do not know who this is. No one said anything when I answered the phone.

    3. Rodney says:

      Never answered but they call usually in the morning and very late at night.

    4. Brice says:

      They bring on another company who will.not tell you who they are

    5. Moises says:

      These guys from Simon Eichler & Associates just called me today and no doubt this is a scam. They called one of my relatives claiming I wrote a bad check and then called me claiming that I owe money because I took out a loan several years ago. I got 2 separate calls from these people. One of them practically accused me of lying when I told them I had no idea why they would be calling me or a relative over a money matter. Both of the people I talked with were rude and one of them said I should man up and be honest and admit to owing money that I don't even owe.

    6. Garland says:


    7. Walker says:

      Calls my cell phone number every day and the message is no more notices. I have no idea who they are. How do I get them to stop calling?

    8. Levi says:

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    9. Lindsey says:

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    10. Benito says:

      some asian that works for a lawyer office. He FLAKES constantly. hes tried bookn with me once and my girlfriend twice and he flakes every single time.

    11. Rudy says:

      Has called us for the last few days atleast 3-4 times and talks badly to ladies.

    12. Laurence says:

      don't ever see him he play games don't want pay

    13. Fletcher says:

      Call them & see who it is!!

    14. Joshua says:

      i got the number from Nov. i got calling every day at 11:49 or 3:59. i live in Windsor in Canada. i have cell phone from talus. it bother me all the time. i want to know what is going on?

    15. Rey says:

      Got a call from them this morning. Picked up to vent and got a recorded message from 'Rachel' asking if I wanted to lower my credit card interest rates, if so press 1. I pressed 1 and quizzed the dude on the end about who they were and why they were calling. The company is called 'Cardmember Services'. Filled a complaint with the National Do Not Call registry.