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    1. Angel says:

      I got a blocked call with a recording saying they were looking for my husband to serve him a summons. This is the number on the recording they asked to call back 888-200-9171 When my husband called them to see what it was all about they try to get your personal information such as credit card number address telephone number and social security number. He refused to give out any information. Don't call this number!

    2. Lloyd says:

      received a call from Connie Williams using 516 222 2266, said she was representing Ashford Talk Radio and calling to set up a radio interview for people in the Personal Growth industry. First thing to do is look up the phone number...as I did and found all of the above comments.

    3. Gerry says:

      This was a recording about advertising on Google.. I feel like 49% of my spam calls are for Google ads. It makes me think that Google is giving my number out to advertisers. My phone is on the do not call list, yet I keep getting calls about the same stuff but from different people. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    4. Eric says:

      just had a phone call from the number above but didn't answer.

    5. Mervin says:

      his initial email after he had txt me and i emailed him this is his reply his email summy.jones@gmail.com,

    6. Kendrick says:

      I don't answer call from names or numbers I do not know.Phone ID 'BISHOP WHITE MA"

    7. Shane says:

      PSYCO! Likes to terrorize people just for fun. Thinks everything is about her.

    8. Erich says:

      The person that called my office was rude and disrespectful. He would not give me his supervisor or remove us from their calling list. He threatened to bill me personally for of $600 because I would not let him speak with the owner of the company.

    9. Guillermo says:

      Okay, it must be Service Magic. I just hired a landscaper through them. I love Service Magic (my plumber and handyman I hired from the site too). But why no voice message? Doesn't sound right!

    10. Ken says:

      called and wanted me to check my computer for some reported issues that I had with my laptop.

    11. Alden says:

      I just recieved 4 calls within 30 minutes and no message was left

    12. Sang says:

      This number keeps calling, using a local phone number as a name. I'm sure this isn't legal!

    13. Ariel says:

      this number called me twice weni looked up it gave me my father info. which i know for fact i not hi number

    14. Duncan says:

      Hace dos semanas tambien recibi una llamada de una señora con acento argentino que se dice llamar Victoria O'Connor preguntandome tambien que porque no habia llegado a la corte que porque tengo una demanda por no haber pagado un producto que segun ella ordene en el 2008 a la compañia American Lab la cual ahora me esta demandando por $5000 dolares. No se si porque es reciente que me llamo pero todavia no me pide dinero.

    15. Landon says:

      I called 18009296088 talked with a young lady, Naomi who was very polite and said she would do everything she could to get my name and # out of their system. Sure hope it works.