973-353 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Sammy says:

      Wow! The owner of this number is so UNattractive. Anything about him that is attractive is cancelled out by his scandentia rotten personality. He sponges off his Mom & steals or scams hard working people out of their hard earned livings. He changes his number with the tide so when he spams you, you won't know it's him!

    2. Williams says:

      Caller: What Company Is This?Receptionist: And who is this calling, please?Caller: Oh, You don't want to sell anything?----Caller Hangs Up------Receptionist: No, we don't want to buy anything from people who call to hang up on us :)

    3. Jorge says:

      Unknown number = Drive Canada

    4. Rudolf says:

      Some school tha I don't want to attend

    5. Dylan says:

      I just got this call, i have an orlando cell and it was a recorded message in spanish, i think it asked me to press one, i replied "Que" and no response and hung up.

    6. Jeramy says:

      just saw this # come up on my cell phone....NEVER seen a # like this b4 & sure would like to know where this # is coming from???

    7. Guillermo says:

      Someone attempted to call, we weren't available.

    8. Kristopher says:

      So tired of these spam calls... Same person always calls via a different number.

    9. Adrian says:

      More telemarket call for college recruiters.

    10. Damon says:

      I got this same call and same government grant scam. I posted my story below just a few minutes ago. The thing that worries me is he knew my full name and what state I live in, state doesn't bother me because you can find that out easily but name is what worries me the most!

    11. Oswaldo says:

      du****it didn't block number. have fun

    12. Pedro says:

      Express Movers A Web User Feb 19 at 09:17 AM These guys are moving company scam. They wait to get your stuff locked up in the truck and then hold it hostage till you pay. 1 person marked this helpful Mark Helpful Reply Looks Fishy Feb 19 at 11:53 AM I got scammed today. they held my stuff hostage until i agreed to pay 1730 which 1350 of it was for wrapping stuff that doesnt need to be wrapped. he has an acquaintance in NJ of Express moving that threatened to take my stuff to new jersey unless i payed.. Mark Helpful Reply Looks Fishy Feb 20 at 12:41 PM also above linked phone numbers of Edward J Skylar at 267 393 3833

    13. Vincent says:

      I'm upset.  They call my cell several times a day and I'm being charged for those calls.  I called back but it's silence then hang up on me.  How can I go about to report them?  My cell phone # is on the state and national do not call lists. How can they do this.  Anyone advise please!

    14. Jasper says:

      continuous calls with no message-needs to stop immediately. I will report to the attorney general's office as I have numerous other bothersome calls. The name Ethel Ricky is attached to this number so feel free to call her back and harass the hell out of her.

    15. Santos says:

      Yes, this evening I received an obscene call from this number and I would like to report it. I anyone knows anything or has received an unwanted call from this number let me know if you find out anything.