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    1. Enrique says:

      Received call from a Michael Miller (Jamaican accent) informing my elderly mother she had won $3.5M or a silver Mercedes. Ya, right. Found referances on-line to his companies Global International Funding and American Money being scams. Very Aggressive in Time share sale kind of way.

    2. Francesco says:

      Twice in the last 30 minutes

    3. Arnoldo says:

      It was not a scam, it was a friend of mine that wanted to have you call me about you car.

    4. Bryce says:

      Called and didn't leave message.  Map 1 Expirence was the name given, with Jacob as the answerer.  I called back to get this information.

    5. Lonny says:

      annoying they call everyday

    6. Rodney says:

      I have received three calls in since yesterday from this number, on my work cell phone. I only give out that number to clients and colleagues.

    7. Lesley says:

      This number just called me and since I'm at work I missed it. I called the number back and the operator said its not a working number. I got another calll like this a while ago and missed the call again. I would love to be able to answer one day so that I can play the game with them. As I do with all bill collectors because I am responsible I know who all my lendors are and who I hold debt with so I don't fall for scams too often. For everyone else out there, be careful. Never give your bank or credit card information to anyone unless you are absolutely sure you know who they are and you have seen a bill along with service dates on paper.

    8. Dylan says:

      they never say anything, its like it hangs up just as I answer!

    9. Shad says:

      she a hoe! ♡ ♥

    10. Conrad says:

      Something about going to college

    11. Omar says:

      I got a text from this number telling me to click on their link to get free weight lost supplement stuff. Idk what the link it but I would advise not to click on it.

    12. Myron says:

      I was called at 21:37 17-08-'09.

    13. Tuan says:

      They call constantly, I never answer. that's what answering machines are for.

    14. Whitney says:

      I have no idea how these people receive information. But I HAVE NEVER received or ordered a Cash advance with this company or any other online.

    15. Cameron says:

      called me and when i answered said something stupid and hung up. when i called back number was no longer in service.