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    1. Doyle says:

      calls tonight a friend annoying me

    2. Andy says:

      I didn't answer because Mr. Number is pretty accurate.

    3. Pedro says:

      I have gotten NUMEROUS calls from this number. Once a guy on the other end asked for me but when I got on the phone he had hung up already. I've tried calling back but you can't. It's very annoying!!!

    4. Norman says:

      sabrina IS A SHILL AND THIS IS A SCAM. This is a version of the advance-fee-for-something scam where something is a grant, loan, lottery winnings, interest rate reduction, gift card, refund, doggie, cruise, vacation, free gas, etc., and the advance-fee is for tax, shipping, registration, secure handling, processing, etc. They may send you a fake check, may want your credit/debit card or bank account number,  or tell you to wire cash via Western Union, Moneygram, etc. They can put recurrent difficult-to-cancel monthly charges or a 1-time charge on your card or bank account, and sell account info to other criminals and you'll have to replace accounts altogether. Wired-cash is irretrievable - once it's picked up at the other end, it's untraceable and gone. If they want you to call them up for instructions, they may tell you not to discuss the wire with Western Union desk clerks but the real reason is WU clerks are familiar with these scams and will warn you not to wire the money. Report to US Postal Service Inspectors

    5. Rafael says:

      We own 4 business phones through nextel.  One of the phones had gone missing, and when it was a new one was purchased there had be four charges to the above #. We are currently fighting the issue with Sprint and they are not willing to remove those charges stating they are valid.

    6. Ramiro says:

      had a msg left saying "please call the office" on 130303853 and quote "xxx" reference number.

    7. Cole says:

      Auto Glass Telemarketing

    8. Anibal says:

      Automated bill collection

    9. Kermit says:

      I've just had the same thing, also on O2, didn't answer, have been rung twice, any clues?

    10. Leigh says:

      Just listening to me breathe

    11. Michal says:

      Text message from loan co -

    12. Delmer says:

      They hung up the phone after I said hello.

    13. Loren says:

      Vore.com comes up on the computer as a Las Vegas company selling "off road" driving experience.  Don't know if that helps.

    14. Lonnie says:

      alberto por favor llamame y dejame un numero donde llamarte

    15. Keenan says:

      A friend of mine called me using skype...unfortunately, I did not have his call back number, so I checked caller I/D...nothing was there. So, I tried *69 and voila, 1-012-345-6789 was given to me as the last number to call me. I guess since this is actually skype's phone number, calling him back was impossible. Glad I use an old-fashioned hard-wired phone and free long distance!