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    1. Kelvin says:

      Harassinbg local escorts asking how much for a quick bj, possible LE or just a stupid man, either wa beware ladies.

    2. Weston says:

      Tmobile wanted to give me a gift

    3. Emil says:

      they didn't leave vm, but I called back a few hours later, and someone told me it's called "T design websites" and the person who probably called me has left for the day.

    4. Arthur says:

      I received two calls from this number today.  I picked up the second call and there was nothing and then the same robotic "goodbye" as described above.  The only thing I can think of is that I did recently join some "do not call" and "do not mail" lists recommended in a Natural Health magazine to help minimize junk mail, etc.  I wonder if this is related...maybe someone in India has hacked the server of one of these "do not call" companies.  Can't remember which one I used but might have to look  back.

    5. Roland says:

      If more people would take the law into their own hands, punishing these bottom feeders could be done much more efficiently. God knows that the law doesn't work for honest people. I hope someone burns down their building, with them inside.

    6. Earl says:

      Recorded message from Victory Chapel church in Clearwater advertising their services

    7. Dong says:

      This call was received at 11 a.m. on a Monday morning.  They left no message.  Suspicious.

    8. Craig says:

      some design center that keeps calling I have reported thm to the Do Not Call list before

    9. King says:

      They said words in Spanish. I am 100% white speaking our first language in the United States where the call was made. I don't know who called because I don't understand Spanish!

    10. Russ says:

      First time I have had a call from this number, but it was fourth in a row from (first) 206-420-6499 and then two unidentified calls stating "Out of Area."  The first number came up here as one of the money chasing legal scams.  I do not answer these calls technically.  I pick up the receiver on the first ring (making sure there is NO background noise) and leave the receiver off the hook until it disconnects.  This call displayed "Washington DC" on my screen, and the voice was male with an accent who kept saying "hello, hello, hello" until he finally hung up.  I searched the number here to see if it is indeed another scam/phishing attempt.  Then I set up with my phone provider to forward the number to the FCC.  I have been reporting these types of calls for a couple years and nothing seems to change.  Forwarding the calls to the FCC seems to somewhat lessen the number of calls I am getting.

    11. Leigh says:

      Prerecorded msg abt healthcare coverage press 3 to opt out

    12. Julius says:

      this is a collection agency Powell Law they will lie and stretch the truth to try and get you to pay. They don't keep good notes on their accounts either

    13. Brendan says:

      I got a call from 310-356-0406 from Officer or Agent so and so...anyways, it's a scam and they kept calling me at work harassing me. Don't pay them any money. A collection company has to provide you info. on the debt in writing. Told him I'm calling the cops and filing a report against them and they hung up and haven't called since.

    14. Ariel says:

      I got a call from this number today on my cell. I didn't answer it and they did not leave a messge. My cell is on the do not call list so I am not sure how they got my number. I do not have any credit card debt either.

    15. Chung says:

      all i hear is silence when this number calls me