970-520 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 970-520-3875
  • 970-520-3876
  • 970-520-3877
  • 970-520-3878
  • 970-520-3879
  • 970-520-3880
  • 970-520-3881
  • 970-520-3882
  • 970-520-3883
  • 970-520-3884
  • 970-520-3885
  • 970-520-3886
  • 970-520-3887
  • 970-520-3888
  • 970-520-3889
  • 970-520-3890
  • 970-520-3891
  • 970-520-3892
  • 970-520-3893
  • 970-520-3894
  • 970-520-3895
  • 970-520-3896
  • 970-520-3897
  • 970-520-3898
  • 970-520-3899
  • 970-520-3900
  • 970-520-3901
  • 970-520-3902
  • 970-520-3903
  • 970-520-3904
  • 970-520-3905

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    1. Sid says:

      I had an Xbox console for sell for $125 on Craig's list and got this text. "Can you send me the pictures of the item if you have them at hand. I will offer you $200 for the item including the postage fee. so if my offer is okay by you, kindly get back to me with the pics and your paypal email address so i can effect payment to your account and you can make the shipment." So they are willing to pay $75 over my asking price plus shipping. They could buy a new one for that price. SCAM!

    2. Carson says:

      wants to refi your credit cards

    3. Teddy says:

      This number called this a.m. After answering, a person of shall we say, a different dialect, asked for our sales and/or marketing manager. Asking what this was in reference to, they simply said they would call back. Sounded a little Pfishey!

    4. Don says:

      You've Won the $1000.00 Best Buy card drawing. Get your prize at www.bestbuycard.net/?id=pwbkrcyfyc

    5. Rubin says:

      Some raghead called threatening me about what I don't know. speak english in america, and maybe I could understand you..

    6. Coy says:

      I do not want any call like this, I am on do not call list.

    7. Blair says:

      they called and ask if my refrigerator was running, and i replied and said well yea. and they said well you better go catch it? what does this mean

    8. Jeramy says:


    9. Geoffrey says:

      it was kunta-kinte from st.louis he wants to find out if I hit the mega! dumbass...

    10. Max says:

      I have been getting theses calls for a few days now and about a week ago it was a different number but the same person.

    11. Mohammed says:

      Call to get my account credit card information stayin that something from the government grants

    12. Jarrod says:

      The call said the next representative will be with you shorty then the call ended

    13. Lindsay says:

      Received phone call from this number, when I answered no one was on the line.

    14. Daron says:

      Just got a call from this person. My voice echoed on the other end, I stayed on the line until they hung up and only said hello once. What a freak.

    15. Jefferson says:

      won a cruise recording scam