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    1. Theron says:

      Its a scam...I just got one today with 4029*

    2. Ariel says:

      I recieved a call in SRI LANKA from this number. Called back, but no response.

    3. Julian says:

      Recieved a second call from 202-214-7895 on 9/8 at 1:39pm. Same "testing, testing..Recieved a call from the same number a few days earlier Very irritating that they leave this message, especially when I am on the no call list.

    4. Owen says:

      Said he is from ATO staff,

    5. Maynard says:

      I received 2 voicemails yesterday and another today. I called the number from my office phone, they are LLC Law Office in New York. I wasn't very nice to them...

    6. Theodore says:

      called me Melvin--said her name was samantha and her friend showed her my FB page and thinks I'm cute. Please try to stop this person

    7. Freeman says:

      Same here , just dead air an then asking for someone I find know total Crap

    8. Abraham says:

      I just received one of those calls today from the number 916-134-5678, they left a message to call back 1-888-902-5030, also leaving me a case number to reference. when i called back they were asking me for additional credit card number of my current account ( thank god i didnt give it to them) they were giving me payment options of a charged off account that had been paid in full.  it all didnt feel right to me. once i told them i had to do some investigation on tisfirst before i paid any payment, he stated to me that he would put refusal to pay on my account. i then aked for the account number that he wanted me to pay and then the phone hung up. i tried calling back and all im getting now is recording. ALL TOOOOOO WEIRD!!!!!

    9. Carol says:

      Got a message from this number.  Caller ID shows Novatel.  No answer on recorder pickup...  11/21/2013

    10. Dan says:

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    11. Florencio says:

      This girl's is a Skanky hotel maid from the town house motor lodge west who found my husband's number while cleaning his room while he stayed there on a job out of town, she started testing him wanting to know if he would trade her his prescription pills for sexual favors. Her name is Shawna.

    12. Rodrick says:

      Please stop calling me... I Don't even know who this is and leave me alone!! I kept getting cut off from playing my games because of this stupid number!!

    13. Armand says:

      I received a text that read "Hey i put some pictures on my profile on hottdate .com it's laura by the way".

    14. Normand says:

      I picked up the call because I was tired of there constant calls.  He said my name then hung up. I called the number back the outgoing message was the mailbox is full.  No other information.  I won't be answering that call anymore.

    15. Lacy says:

      this number called me twice weni looked up it gave me my father info. which i know for fact i not hi number