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    1. Maynard says:

      I received 2 voicemails yesterday and another today. I called the number from my office phone, they are LLC Law Office in New York. I wasn't very nice to them...

    2. Theodore says:

      called me Melvin--said her name was samantha and her friend showed her my FB page and thinks I'm cute. Please try to stop this person

    3. Freeman says:

      Same here , just dead air an then asking for someone I find know total Crap

    4. Abraham says:

      I just received one of those calls today from the number 916-134-5678, they left a message to call back 1-888-902-5030, also leaving me a case number to reference. when i called back they were asking me for additional credit card number of my current account ( thank god i didnt give it to them) they were giving me payment options of a charged off account that had been paid in full.  it all didnt feel right to me. once i told them i had to do some investigation on tisfirst before i paid any payment, he stated to me that he would put refusal to pay on my account. i then aked for the account number that he wanted me to pay and then the phone hung up. i tried calling back and all im getting now is recording. ALL TOOOOOO WEIRD!!!!!

    5. Carol says:

      Got a message from this number.  Caller ID shows Novatel.  No answer on recorder pickup...  11/21/2013

    6. Rodrick says:

      Please stop calling me... I Don't even know who this is and leave me alone!! I kept getting cut off from playing my games because of this stupid number!!

    7. Armand says:

      I received a text that read "Hey i put some pictures on my profile on hottdate .com it's laura by the way".

    8. Normand says:

      I picked up the call because I was tired of there constant calls.  He said my name then hung up. I called the number back the outgoing message was the mailbox is full.  No other information.  I won't be answering that call anymore.

    9. Lacy says:

      this number called me twice weni looked up it gave me my father info. which i know for fact i not hi number

    10. Dallas says:

      Prank call??? I'm not quite sure but called multiple times and when I picked up therewas no response from other end.

    11. Demetrius says:

      most likely a debt collector spamming for $money$

    12. Jonah says:

      unknown name, called and hung up no message left. Tried calling the number back no person answered an auto voice came on the line and said hello we need to speak with you then went dead, and disconnected after a brief moment.

    13. David says:

      How can I identify my caller?

    14. Juan says:

      they text nothing very annoying

    15. Coleman says:

      Got a call from 1-110-000-004 at 2 in the morning, I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.