956-458 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 956-458-2521
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    1. Leonardo says:

      I got a text from someone asking if I was a business, I said a small business, but its just me, thinking it was a business opp, I gave them my linked in, They cam back with my moms name, Her name is on the bill. And asked if I had any relation, Now I was thinking it was one of my moms friends she gave my card to, They said Oh, ok, I'll get back to you. nothing so far but Im waiting...

    2. Stacey says:

      Didn't answer since I don't have the # programmed.... Called back and dead air. Google the # and this blog came up.

    3. Kristopher says:

      hi is Nicolle there, and they are a car loan group. They asked for my social security number and other personal information.

    4. Blair says:

      do not accept calls or texts

    5. Terrance says:

      United Collection Bureau - A debt collector.

    6. Omar says:

      caller ID says Rev Path...didn't answer

    7. Milford says:

      Some one calls and cursed at me.sounds like a teller marketer

    8. Donn says:

      called and said that my credit card was in good standings but I needed to call them immediately... what a joke🐷i don't even own a cc. definitely spam.

    9. Lazaro says:

      my bbb just called me and this is the report that I got from them... just ignore the calls its a scam..

    10. Deangelo says:

      I just got it too - I used laptop to go to site - it was a cnn article from september. dumb.

    11. Erin says:

      Wrong number but keep calling.

    12. Darren says:

      I aprpecaite you taking to time to contribute That's very helpful.

    13. Drew says:

      Rcvd text saying I won a $1000 Wal-Mart giftcard.

    14. Francisco says:

      And yet another number rude jerks how sneaky they keep calling and I keep blocking

    15. Cruz says:

      They just took $275.00 of my money! I was busy so I got my wife to talk with them and she put the funds on a blue dot card at Walmart. Unbelievable! I would have never have agreed to that! Then he called me back and wanted additional money because I have a "flag next to my SS#". When I refused he told me that I then forfeited my security deposit and he could not return my money! I am so very angry and I promise that I will track this man down wherever he is!