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  • 952-988-8280
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  • 952-988-8283
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  • 952-988-8299
  • 952-988-8300
  • 952-988-8301
  • 952-988-8302
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    1. Scotty says:

      I have called the 877 and the 307 number many times and I never get a live person. I would think "Debbie" would be tired of my messages by now.

    2. Dan says:

      Got text messages from this number.

    3. Dominique says:

      PRB, you're my hero. Can you supply me with more info some my company can also do the same? We get two or three of these calls a day- not including the ones in which the sales person actually asks you a direct sales question (IE: "Where do you currently buy uyour toner?") which is also greeted with a phone slam.

    4. Dean says:

      Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and enter code BETA will Receive it!

    5. Benjamin says:

      Telemarketing. After several attemps of telling them to STOP! I'm finally reporting them. Please do the same. Thanks.

    6. Jackie says:

      I had the same thing. Just a spammer.

    7. Geraldo says:

      DRUG DEALER. hope he is caught and arrested asap.

    8. Orval says:

      don't deal with these people they are scammers and intend to rip you off. They use different names all the time, the shipping companies are their own scam partners, and some times with the same address or phone number as their own. Don't waste you time on them, just report them to the FBI, they will get them.

    9. Ali says:

      A Class Action Law Suit sounds like a good idea. Everyone needs to stand together to put a legal end to US Advisory Loan to stop calling people on the "Do not call list" They were calling me 4-5 times a week but have now stopped because I told them to I was now documenting their calls as harassment and annoying unwanted calls. I spoke to an attorney and was told to make sure I tell US Advisory Loan to "cease & desist from calling anymore." I told them that If they violate that legal term "Cease & Desist" then I would and can legally file a police report.I haven't gotten a call from US Loan Advisory for over 2 weeks now. Maybe they got wind of a law suit. I'm glad they stopped calling and bothering us.

    10. Jamar says:

      news@s_u.n.org / {Spam?} c_a_ll / +1_253-243-1976. T*r*u*s*t*S*u*n - C*A*L*L 10 messages now, it was similar with a different # a few days ago... TMOBILE; How hard is it to get these guys???

    11. Leslie says:

      I dont get why they contiue after i blocked answer and hang up plus I've cussed them out more than once

    12. Arthur says:

      Got a text at one in the morning. This guy is a real creep and nut case. An absurd text about an Indy man and god. Thanks for the name, think I'll report him to the cops.

    13. Frederick says:

      This  outfit  is  calling  my  cell phone  and  costing  me  money for  each text  message.

    14. Noah says:

      An operator started talking

    15. Abel says:

      they call 29 times a day...smh...