952-881 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 952-881-0993
  • 952-881-0994
  • 952-881-0995
  • 952-881-0996
  • 952-881-0997
  • 952-881-0998
  • 952-881-0999
  • 952-881-1000
  • 952-881-1001
  • 952-881-1002
  • 952-881-1003
  • 952-881-1004
  • 952-881-1005
  • 952-881-1006
  • 952-881-1007
  • 952-881-1008
  • 952-881-1009
  • 952-881-1010
  • 952-881-1011
  • 952-881-1012
  • 952-881-1013
  • 952-881-1014
  • 952-881-1015
  • 952-881-1016
  • 952-881-1017
  • 952-881-1018
  • 952-881-1019
  • 952-881-1020
  • 952-881-1021
  • 952-881-1022

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    1. Darrin says:

      Get exactlythe same thing. Almost every day. Then a female voice says, Thank you. And hangs up. Got the busy signal as well.

    2. Frankie says:

      YUP, 100% SPAM. CALLED ON THE FREAKIN' FOURTH OF JULY HOLIDAY!!! Our call came in at 5:36PM, while we were out. So glad we missed it; I would have been rip roaring mad (even more so than I already am) had I been there at the time. Of course there was no message left. Why can't we NUKE the country these are coming from (India OR Pakistan - or any other "***Stan", for that matter) as an Independence Day Present to ourselves??! Let's Declare INDEPENDENCE from these Calls! LIKELY FUNDING TERRORIST ACTIVITIES with these calls. NO NAME on Caller ID; just the number.

    3. Jose says:

      Yea auto warenty crap. I do have a new car but the warenty isn't about to expire. And I wouldn't renew by credit card over the phone neway. Duh. But someone might fall for this.

    4. Cecil says:

      It was a missed call; no message left.

    5. Donovan says:

      Keep getting calls from this number, about once a day. I don't pick up unknown callers. If you have information, please post it. Thanks.

    6. Frederick says:

      This is a extorsion number!!

    7. Lionel says:

      Receive calls from this number (Alabaster ID) 2 or 3 times every week; never a message; nothing.

    8. Randell says:

      Yes, me too. My husband thinks Verizon is hiring people to run up our text messaging and charge us more tore. Also to charge us to stop the messaging. We see another class action suit against Verizon coming.

    9. Marcel says:

      Received a call friday from 312-676-4200.  It was a live person but scripted call.  Sidney from Talentdrive calling regarding a Lead Engiener position at a client company.

    10. Buddy says:

      Had a call from 207-493-2672. The caller ID showed Gifts 4 Free. I sure ignored call and no message was left.

    11. Lenny says:

      lol my wife just recently received a threatening phone call from this same number and i had here call a lawyer, and thet police department in our area, and she was told that if this place is legit, they cannot have a warrant put out for your arrest, a they can though however, have a judgement put on your paycheck or tax return, so this is a scam do not pay these people. but my guess is its a scam

    12. Eugene says:

      Enterprise rental car customer survey.

    13. Harley says:

      These people have called me 4 times in the past 2 days. All they tell me is I am going to be arrested for not paying off a loan that was direct deposited into my account. The paperwork is to be delivered to my work in 2 hours from when I talk to these people. And that when the paperwork is delivered I will be arrested at that time.

    14. Jon says:

      I got this same text message from phone number 323-241-2563.

    15. Norman says:

      I have recieved several phone calls from this Company that calls itself WCA Subscriber services. They never answer back when the phone rings.