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    1. Cesar says:

      claim we won A trip trying to get us to give credit card info and bank info

    2. Jarvis says:

      calling for birth control and if u have certain symptoms

    3. Irving says:

      Who's Iphone (# 248 880 1909 )?

    4. Wilbert says:

      vatterot college, they don't stop calling ever

    5. German says:

      I also am selling on Craigslist and the person is the kind that wants to give me a check and they will come and get the item I am selling once the check clears. Beware!!!

    6. Kurt says:

      nfPCtZ <a href="http://zzcbyfdkgixe.com/">zzcbyfdkgixe</a>

    7. Emmanuel says:

      asking to provide me with info on 'Swan Energy oil drilling project'. Quoted a bunch of crap about hundreds ot thousands of dollars and tax implications????? Never heard of them

    8. Jarod says:

      260-241-7936 has been changed to 260-435-9672 for Tabitha Howald

    9. Micheal says:

      I received a call from this number, said they were calling me from Washington DC, said they were from the US Grants Department and I had been awarded a grant of $7000 that I would not have to pay back. I was selected from the census and some other criteria. He gave me my money confirmation # and the ph# to call to claim it. I called the 202-470-1238 number Bryan Williams ask me to sand $200 I sand it on top of half of the sales tax which is $700.00 plus $15 to sand it . Next day I gat call again this time 202-621-0089 David Jonse hi told me my grant is $14.000.00 and I need to pay tax $700.00 last time and I need to go US bank to receive the many. I went they don’t give my they can give only $7000.00 but my grant is $14,000.00 the let me go that day next day I gat call again from David Jonse hi told me his sanding ATM card # I don’t get card. 646-736-7991 IRS ask delivery many $1999.00 and hi side this is last time but is not they calling back 316-444-3100 ask me to sand mony.

    10. Weston says:

      Please do not call me. This call is costing me $$$ and I want you to stop.

    11. Sid says:

      It's coming from Santa Monica, California.

    12. Cameron says:

      Call and said I commited cyerspace offense and that I owed large amount of money and that I would be going to court.  I have no idea who or what this is they are foreign speaking and have scared me, I am a 67yr old senior citizen not able to sleep because of this phone call. Who or what are these people?

    13. Terrance says:

      They called me about a Gov Grant. I asked to be taken off. Because I chose to go with another agency. Now this number keeps calling every 38mins.

    14. Ismael says:

      To remove your number, Google WCA Consent and fill out the removal form.

    15. Rocky says:

      I got a phone call from 214-161-8166 today as well....did not answer!!!