951-440 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 951-440-3193
  • 951-440-3194
  • 951-440-3195
  • 951-440-3196
  • 951-440-3197
  • 951-440-3198
  • 951-440-3199
  • 951-440-3200
  • 951-440-3201
  • 951-440-3202
  • 951-440-3203
  • 951-440-3204
  • 951-440-3205
  • 951-440-3206
  • 951-440-3207
  • 951-440-3208
  • 951-440-3209
  • 951-440-3210
  • 951-440-3211
  • 951-440-3212
  • 951-440-3213
  • 951-440-3214
  • 951-440-3215
  • 951-440-3216
  • 951-440-3217
  • 951-440-3218
  • 951-440-3219
  • 951-440-3220
  • 951-440-3221
  • 951-440-3222
  • 951-440-3223

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    1. Antoine says:

      This number called me and would not verify themself. This sounded like a recording.

    2. Marquis says:

      Did you report them? Any news as to who this is?

    3. Andrew says:

      everyday i get phone calls from this number minimum 0ne to max-5 times in a day,but makes no answer,holds it for few seconds then disconnect.only once a female voice responded once cheched my name,when i asked about their non responsive attitude, the lady said in bengali ,it takes time to reply since it is coming from a computer.when i asked the reason for calling ,the line got disconnected.

    4. Johnathon says:

      I also just received a call from this number. A recorded voice said that I won $199 from Verizon Wireless and that I should go to vz199.com to retrieve my $199. I called Verizon and was told I could report this to corporatesecurity@verizonwireless.com. The Verizon rep told me that the calling number CANNOT hack into my phone and use the number.

    5. Ronald says:

      Got 2 calls from this number.  PhoneTray says it's from Portland. No idea who it is.

    6. Kerry says:

      I got a call from (252) 241-0563

    7. Damon says:

      Collection agency Platinum Collection and Alternative revenue its the same agency

    8. Miquel says:

      Calling and texting not in English.

    9. Kurt says:

      A man by the name of Jerry called me and  told me I was approved for a loan for 5,000. He wanted all my banking information so the money could be put into my account 3 to 4 hours. I told him I needed alot more information about this loan . He said he could not give the informaton to me until I gave him my information.He did have the last 4 digits of my social security number and he had my address. I am very frightened about this whole mess. Please someone GET THE SCAMMERS that are hurting so many people.

    10. Rickie says:

      I go a call missed it called it back and it said it was disconnected

    11. Rocco says:

      This number and variations suck as 23 vs. 22, etc. are coming from a website that allows the sender (whose cell number has been blocked) to send text messages, photos, etc. via his/her email address. Although the sender's cell number has been blocked, the messages still get through because the sender is basing the msg on their email address and not their cell number.

    12. Jonas says:

      she wanted to start a fight

    13. Brendan says:

      it is a craigslist scammer I found a house on Craigslist for 500 dollars deposit 500 dollars down I sent him a email saying that I'm interested in the place he ended up sending me an email saying that he was going to give me the house but that he was in Nigeria so I would have to send him money through Western Union I hesitated and decided to just go look at the place myself I went to go look and there was already a guy they're renting it the house out to someone else i knew he was a scammer and then he had this number text my phone saying:I'm his attorney and to believe in what REV. JOHN JORDAN. Craigslist scammer gave me the name John Jordan and this number 323.835.1719

    14. Noel says:

      even i did nd have been for the past 3 days between 5-6

    15. Damian says:

      Where is this number from