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    1. Vern says:

      Can somebody report this number! He always send scam messages to me!

    2. Lynn says:

      Something about Obama and home mortgages. Prerecorded crap.

    3. Garrett says:

      I did not receive any calls but I did call it. The guy is living in Africa and I met him on face book last year but now he has a new picture he is using with his face book and has this phone no. listed on it so I called and sure enough that is the same voice that haunted me forever. He is a scammer and yes I fell for it. He got a lot of money out of this 50 year old widow! Lucinda

    4. Danilo says:

      They keep calling. Leaving no message or will say who they r

    5. Paul says:

      just got a call, it's almost nine at night, with some nervous sounding girl mumbling into the phone forever, couldn't even understand here. something about asking me if i want them to send me a credit score. when i told her i don't even have a credit card, she quickly gave me the bank of america phone number and hung up.

    6. Jerome says:

      somebody keeps sending messages saying the first 1000 people to call them win a iphone5 at all hour's of the night sick of it

    7. Anibal says:

      ...and my number is also a 202 area code

    8. Jean says:

      Not a 'scam' not violating do not call registry. The number belongs to company that outsources workers to respond to different inquiries and referral lists. Maybe you didn't sign up for auto warranty info. But you may have opted in to receive calls from partners of your service department, auto insurance company or something similar. Same with timeshare calls. If you opt in to receive info from a company you do business with, you are also opting to receive info from their partners. Read find print do not check/uncheck boxes without reading first. The people calling are doing a job. Understand that and understand that your lack of paying attention has them calling. Easy way to make it stop. Answer, say you are not interested and asked to be taken off of their list. If you don't answer they will continue to call.

    9. Octavio says:

      i do not know of this # or persons that may own it! Yet it continues to call my # , DANGITALL!!

    10. Elisha says:

      This is the old " take a survey,win a cruise " scam. It is for fishing your number and information. Do not fall for this.

    11. Lynn says:

      Some Chinese dude playing on the phone

    12. Dane says:

      also aren't they Required by Law to take someone Off

    13. Jed says:

      I've received a text message from them on my cell phone. Here's what I received:

    14. Dante says:

      Keep calling wont say anything and when I call back its a recording about magic jack. Why do they even have that do not call list???

    15. Henry says:

      I get them a few times a day - either when I'm sleeping or at work. But I thought I was the only one in Canada getting them..Nice to know i'm not the odd ball out. I tried calling it back and it rings once and then it's all still air.