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    1. Dylan says:

      Cardholder Services called again.  I am in the Do No Call Registry.  I spoke with someone there and told them to remove me from their phone list.  I have even screamed in the phone.  They still keep calling. I think our government is helpless against this or they would have done something by now.  This has been going on for YEARS..................................

    2. Roderick says:

      I received a call on 11.18.13 at 3:32 pm. they did not answer when I picked up. Super annoying!

    3. Brooks says:

      Sent me a bogus text saying my Gateway Bank account had been deactivated. I do not have an account with them.

    4. Richie says:

      Call from a non returnable number.

    5. Ike says:

      How do you find out someone's name by their phone number?

    6. Eddy says:

      They keep calling when I said in a strange voice that the person u called is not here he said f ..... you so now its blocked from calling me

    7. Cesar says:

      I just got a call from this number Joseph Peter and when I called back to get my number taken off the call list the idiot kept going on with his script Hey Idiot I am in the sales dept I know that script Take me off the call list and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was  given the same script l kept telling me I wanted off the call list and they called me back after I even called and told them to take me off the call list

    8. Jonah says:

      Kohl's Billing department

    9. Hayden says:

      Called on my cell phone.  How they got my no. I do not know.  Wanted to know if I wanted to further my education.

    10. Jarrett says:

      Called around 7 pm. Told him we were on the DNC list, he said he never heard of it.  Told him to never call again.

    11. Junior says:

      They called me i couldn't answer they left no voicemail. don't know who they are.

    12. Dewey says:

      I didnt answer but the calls are harassing. They will call back to back non-stop

    13. Art says:

      That number is the forwarding # for Google Voice in the chicago area.

    14. Rick says:

      Also got a text on my cell phone with message   +11113771909- "We hope you enjoy your new ATT phone".   Reported it to ATT Fraud unit.  This was preceded by a text to my phone saying that I should go to an HTC link to install "critical upgrades" to my phone.  Phishing scam.

    15. Dale says:

      credit card account scam.