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    1. Chung says:

      cardholder services spam

    2. Maynard says:

      Applied Business credit collections

    3. Delbert says:

      3 calls yesterday, 4 calls the day before. No message left! leave me alone!

    4. Ernesto says:

      calls me but says nothing

    5. Casey says:

      Lower credit card rate I don't even have a credit card

    6. Arlen says:

      caller called and id said out of area left no message

    7. Alonso says:

      A man called from this number and asked for my boss by his first name as well. I told him he was not in and to see if I could help him. The rude person just hung up on me. Not knowing who it was, I called the number he called me off of. They answered the phone as Commerce One, I hung up.

    8. Hunter says:

      He asked for me by name and said he had a job opening at a local company.  He did provide the name of the company to me.  He sounded like he was handicapped or had "special needs".  He was offering "temp" work and I need permanent, so that is how I ended the call.

    9. Kristofer says:

      Same thing happen to me today from the same number and when I cakled back a Tony Anderson proceeded to give me info on a bank account I had in 07 and the business we owned in 07 ans then I told him my husband is a law enforcement office which is truly is and he startes to act irritated and then while I was on the phone my husband googled the # and Tonya Anderson and it pulled up scam and I asked him " Answer me this....why is your name and # pulling up as scam? " and he immediately starting calling me horrible names and telling me my husband was a pig and a M........F......

    10. Shayne says:

      Telemarketing scum out of Lee County, FL

    11. Dong says:

      Call to my Skype number; no message left. comes in tandem with 312 and 314 calls.

    12. Nestor says:

      I have had nothing but problems with this company- unwanted shipments and not getting my money back that was automatically deducted from my account!!! Don't get involved unless you are sure you want to receive this product called Cylapril. I was contacted to try a new product called cylapril with acai berry weight loss product. I specifically said I will try it but do NOT put me on an automatic shipment.The young man named Matt said no problem, but he did it anyways. I returned the product unopened, with shipment tracking. I called them and was told I wouldn't get my $ back because I didn't follow their process of getting an RMA #-BAD BAD business!!

    13. Elvis says:

      They said they were calling for a credit consultation....

    14. Gail says:

      Received prank call from this number involving a supposed drug dealer and his cohort. Individual threatened physical violence and proceeded to call back numerous times after restricting his land line number.

    15. Shelton says:

      i got a call from this person while i was asleep, around 2 a.m.  They left an inappropriate message, then a friend of mine got a call from my phone, but i didn't call.  It wasn't the same person, but my friend answered the phone and it was a higher voice, he said it almost sounded computerized, and it was sort of the same talk that the other person had left on my phone.  I'm kinda freaked out.