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    1. Randal says:

      I have a great idea, make them go bankruptcy join prepaid legal for only few cents aday and drive this company to the ground visit

    2. Gil says:

      A man, named Nigel Davis, with a very heavy accent called said he was from Windows and there was a problem with my computer. He knew my name and told me that my laptop had been sending them serious error messages. I hung up and he called back immediately. I got his number and name and said I would call him back. Then shut off my computer. Really creeped me out that he knew my name and that I had a laptop (but I guess who doesn't)

    3. Arnulfo says:

      Recorded message about stating "that time is running out to lower my credit card interest rate". Doesn't ive much detail about which card or company!?! Definitely a scam. I get these about once a week on my mobile line in Maryland.

    4. Rich says:

      I have recieved three calls from this number in the past week and each time I pick up, I hear the party on the other end of the phone hang up.

    5. Mohammad says:

      told this indian guy to stop calling, it is a scam we have had these calls before, but he would not stop. In less than an hour they called itleast 20 times. Called the police department and all they said was to block the number. Now they are colling from different numbers. I would like to bring criminal charges against them, so if anyone knows how to do that please let me know.

    6. Elton says:

      yeah... it's possible that he had the wrong area code... because the program Skype allows people to call others from their computer to other countries

    7. Frederick says:

      “Rachael, card holder accounts” robo call current aka:

    8. Tommie says:

      +13479277195: You have been randomly selected for a $1000 BestBuy Card. Get your prize now at www.bestbuy.com.bestwinners1.org/?id=plrklklkrl 4:48 PM....Bull HOCKEY..!

    9. Garry says:

      No calls are texts from this phone

    10. Mack says:

      The same thing happened to me as the below caller - A Web User. The call came in on my home phone number on Sept 1st around 7pm. The call went pretty much the same and when I told him I would not be giving him my credit card or debit card over the phone, he promptly hung up on me.

    11. Morris says:

      This number called an there's no answer.

    12. Cletus says:

      This is a message board from people who have GOTTEN the same call, not the ones CALLING. I am sorry you are getting erroneous calls from this place, but understand that those of us here on this board are in the same boat--NOT the company!

    13. Felton says:

      I just got a call from 1 124 4234257 and an oriental woman's voice said "hello". Every time I said "hello" the voice repeated "hello" so I just listened and heard nothing until the phone disconnected.

    14. Valentine says:

      This number constantly phones offering free wall insulation and loft insulation I pressed 1 to speak to an advisor to say not interested it just made a funny beep and I could not hang up for about 2 mins what is going on please help

    15. Felix says:

      scam same guy calls everday about grants, wants bank info, told him it was a scam... he hung up