941-302 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Don says:

      Get calls 2 times a day on answering machine but they never leave a message

    2. Dewitt says:

      I received a call from the "United Nations Legal Department" informing me that my case was "going before the court" on Friday. I talked to these people, an Indian by the name of Shawn Collins, trying to find out what they were after me for. It was a "very serious" charge of check fraud. I received $300 from an Instant Check company. I asked for the name on the check. They couldn't give it to me. Finally he turned me over to the "lawyer", again an Indian that could barely make himself understood. After 20m minutes they finally told me the name on the check was not mine. I told them to quit calling or I would contact the authorities about harrassment. I hung up. They tried to call me back 6 more times and I just hung up.

    3. Sandy says:

      Continues to call at all hours. I called back to be put on do not call list and they called right back

    4. Alvaro says:

      Benson Collins actually went through with sending me a check for 3,850.00 from NRG systems, INC. made out to me with water mark and everything! From some bank called TDbank in burlington VT

    5. Bernard says:

      I have told these a-holes to back off isnt this a crime?

    6. Tom says:

      I just recieved a call from this number at 6:45am.

    7. German says:

      This # has called us at least 6 times a day for over a week. One time, they left amessage to call Kohl's collection dep't.  We don't owe Kohl's anything. The people at collections "know nothing" about the 126 #. Also, my wife noticed that every time that # calls you it erases the previous call listed from that # on our caller ID's (2 different ones and different Manuf.'s).

    8. Otis says:

      I believe this is U of I calling for donation.

    9. Mikel says:

      I received one call stating that I qualify for a government grant of $8000.00 and ask me correct spelling of my name and address then they referred me to call this number back for acct administration when I called this number no one knew what I was talking about the number that called me was 1-018-25 that's what my caller id pulled up

    10. Aurelio says:

      Got a call from 2565134800, no vm left

    11. Dannie says:

      SPAM....and illegal at that. If you get ripped off, buying illegal smokes, whatcha gonna do?

    12. Stephan says:

      This person has been calling our house for at least a month now, but never leaves a message. When I answered the phone this morning to find out who it was, a man with a loud voice and a somewhat Southern accent asked for my husband by name. When I told him that my husband was not available he said he would call back at a better time and hung up without identifying himself.

    13. Larry says:

      They have called me multible times today on my cell. My cell is on the state and national do not call lists. How can this company get away with this?

    14. Domingo says:

      Got a call from 315-243-6420 and then it disconnects

    15. Terrance says:

      Only one call that I didn't answer. Caller ID shows "Sony Electronic" Park Ridge, NJ.