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    1. Stephen says:

      I got the text from he number and it said that i WIN THE 5,000 IN CASH

    2. Dominic says:

      Diabetes-related equipment telemarketing.

    3. Alfred says:

      This is a collection agency. Lady has a VERY FAKE southern accent, and talks to you like you're stupid.

    4. Moses says:

      Asking for some one and hanging up... general harrassment

    5. Louis says:

      I received the same voice recorded telemarketing call from (727) 214-0370 also. I called the number to tell them to stop calling my telephone number with their advertising message, but got another advertising message. I am reporting this unwelcomed and unauthorized telemarketing violation so it can stop ASAP.

    6. Emory says:

      They did my floor. I'm happy.

    7. Steven says:

      i got a text from this person name is danny he lives in east grand forks minnesota it has a verizon sell phone

    8. Dwight says:

      Just got a call from John Robinson.

    9. Edward says:

      they are collection office and what they do, with the way they do is illegal. Don't answer and just report them.

    10. Melvin says:

      I received a text yesterday and he would not say who he was. Asking very inappropriate questions. Also sent an inappropriate picture. If this is happening to you as well I would Call your mobile carrier and ask for this number to be blocked. This is just way too creepy to see that this had been happening to so many others.

    11. Rey says:

      Got two spam text message from this number this morning

    12. Emory says:

      I got a number from the caller claiming to be my local cable company and that I need to make a payment to ensure that my credit is not ruined. It starts off as a 1800 # and the converts to a 314 number once it is connected. What struck me as odd is that they qouted me a dollar amount that was owed on my account and it was way to small to be the account that were speaking of. Caller hunger up

    13. Matthew says:

      some guy named john molina calls looking for someone i have no clue who it is he needs to stop before i find him and put a boot up his a**

    14. Fidel says:

      wow! They said all the beer you can drink and all the food you can eat! This can't possibly be a scam? Don't give them your credit card # you will be sorry!

    15. Alex says:

      Wow, this just happened to me, saying my dad was involved in an accident... and the scariest part was that when I asked him to describe the vehicle and the driver, he described them perfectly along with my dad's medical information as well... Scary scary world we live in...