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    1. Ariel says:

      Called back recording said "you have been placed on a do not call list".

    2. Ivory says:

      This is BCI Collection agency out of Minnesota.  They state they are a collection agency for CHASE and CITI card.

    3. Terrance says:

      This number just called me also and I did not answer it and glad I didn't because I had a computer scam call like this one last Fall. Beware of these scammers!!!

    4. Rob says:

      Getting Text Message, saying will charge $1.78 a month

    5. Dario says:

      Did you get a call or text from (314) 991-6440? Tell us as much Devry University admissions ughhhhhhh hout sharing any opersoal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?

    6. Joaquin says:

      Called our business and hung up when I answered.

    7. Ward says:

      Raquytpppuyykjjkpkkkpppooppjn x!$)$$))$$$& zaniuyuuuphuubbb nhhippopjhhhooqjjjjojjjjhuhuoSHHYYGHGFTYUUUUYYGYqQhhujqqooiophbnnkuuioooiiiossdtujl jq

    8. Margarito says:

      I posted a resume on craigslist and after submitting I got a call from this number with no answer???

    9. Elias says:

      A recording about lowering my credit card interest. Scam!

    10. Jerome says:

      i recieved a call from a Justin who left a voice message nad when i called back Sean Miller is who i spoke to i told them that this was BS and to stop calling...he hung up o called about 6 times back to back to piss him off like he did me.  Well i finally started speaking to this idiot who told me about legal matters involving me.  He ended up telling me he couldnt be found he was in Pakistan and police can be bought.  I told him to get a RESL job and STOP calling people here and trying to scam them out of money.  This is crazy it's always something. He told me that he worked for 7 years and got nothing out of it so this is what he was doing....I was VERY mad he used horrible language with me BUT i was trying to get as  much out of this idiot because i DO have police working on this for me...IM TRIED OF THIS HAPPENING!!!!!!

    11. Dylan says:

      Have no idea who this is! Calls 4 times a week

    12. Jim says:

      Neal Smallback, Call regarding house payment.

    13. Rolf says:

      I received a call from this number at 5am then again at 9pm, no voicemail either time. The number looks vaguely familiar but doesn't belong to any of my contacts.

    14. Roscoe says:

      1 call, showed as missed, I do not have voice mail, called on Co. phone, said # only reconized subscribers.

    15. Buddy says:

      The number has called my residence seveeral times. On the last, my wife answered. The caller asked for me or my wife by our first name to which she replied that neither were available. The caller said they would call back. My wife asked who was calling and the caller would not identify who they were or why they were calling.