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    1. Nicky says:

      Got a call from a Ross and Peterson saying that I must pay by 4 pm in mid june. I called back and guy tells me that I owe $1,300 in restitution. I hung up on the guy. 2 hours later My HR comes to my desk saying they got a fax from this office to verify my employment!! I called and went off on them. My question is this.. Today I came home and my kids told me a officer was looking for me. I called them and asked if they sent the cops to my house and they refused to talk to me. My question is this.. Can they refuse payment? I offered a payment plan because I am a single mother and I dont have that much money upfront. I have a consultation with a lawye on tuesday. Im just terrified that these people can just refuse payments and send police to my house looking for me and scaring my kids.

    2. Coy says:

      dunno who it is but don't know anyone from this area

    3. Myles says:

      girl stop calling me i dnt have time for u

    4. Titus says:

      Assholes...saying they are gonna arrest me for an on line lone...I called the police on them 2 months ago and it stopped!! Now they have a new number!! Wtf

    5. Deangelo says:

      Morgan slone keeps textn my phone threatn me

    6. Irvin says:

      Similar to the other users below, some male voice on the other side of the line had the nerve to call me at around midnight twice and say "I want you" the first time. I hung up. The character had the nerve to call a second time. I was pissed off as hell to be woken up in the middle of the night so I went and looked up some information on this prank caller. Turns out, the phone number is registered to German Lopez who uses Leap Wireless International in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

    7. Andreas says:

      Did you find out if this call was made by bank of america

    8. Trenton says:

      claims i entered last month...on a new lineZ

    9. Rigoberto says:

      bruhh i like my phone number!!!!!!

    10. Odis says:

      this number calls me at least once a day! Never leaves a message...I never answer

    11. Columbus says:

      Will not leave message in my voice mail, ever!; when calling. Nor it texts my inbox. This is an unknown number.

    12. Leandro says:

      +254 739 421 343  This is how the number appeared in call display. Not a typo though looks like ph # is wrong format (too many characters).

    13. Mauricio says:

      Spam - caller ID said "Home Design Center."

    14. Peter says:

      Called me twice.And texted a few times. I got a call at 1:40 am.

    15. Peter says:

      PLEASE READ!!!!!! THE INFO HERE WILL HELP YOU!!!!!! This is the 18th phone number to call me since January when Walk-Fit sold my information to all kinds of scammers. Whatever you do, don't give them any of your information. If they can verify your name, address, phone number, birthday and the last 4 digits of your credit card, they can steal your identity!!! And access your credit card account to take your money!!! Don't be fooled. You'll never see that gift they promised. If the caller has the last 4 digits of your credit card number, you should cancel your card just to be safe. Call your card company and tell them your card number has been compromised. They will be more than happy to issue you a new card and cancel the other. If you want these callers to stop bothering you, and you have caller ID, here's what I did to stop them. When you see their number on caller ID, answer the phone "HI". When they ask for you by name, tell them no one lives here by that name. Tell them you just got this new phone number and to stop calling. By law (and they seem to obey this) once they think the phone number doesn't belong to the person they are trying to talk to, they must stop calling. The person they are allowed to call doesn't have that number anymore and their call can now be considered harassment. So far it's worked and the calls have stopped for each number I did this to. And the total number of calls have dropped considerably. And FYI, here's a couple of things I've learn over the last 6 months of having these scammer call me. When you order something online like I did, read the fine print about their "Privacy Policy". Many online products, like Walk-Fit, Miracle Blades and The Snuggie have policies that require you to "opt out" of letting them give your information out. If you don't "opt out", they say in their policy that they WILL give out your information to "affiliates and third parties". And I can tell you, they give it out to everyone!!! And I also learned about "abandoned call". This is what happens. A computer is making all the calls for these scammers. When you answer your phone, the computer sees you have picked up and are connected. The computer then looks for a telemarketer to connect you to. If all the telemarketers are on the phone with other victims, the computer disconnects from you. This is illegal by FCC law. If this has happened to you, and I'm sure it has with this number, go the FCC.com and file a formal complaint on the number that called you. I hope this helps everyone who reads it.