920-373 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Nicky says:

      Got a call from a Ross and Peterson saying that I must pay by 4 pm in mid june. I called back and guy tells me that I owe $1,300 in restitution. I hung up on the guy. 2 hours later My HR comes to my desk saying they got a fax from this office to verify my employment!! I called and went off on them. My question is this.. Today I came home and my kids told me a officer was looking for me. I called them and asked if they sent the cops to my house and they refused to talk to me. My question is this.. Can they refuse payment? I offered a payment plan because I am a single mother and I dont have that much money upfront. I have a consultation with a lawye on tuesday. Im just terrified that these people can just refuse payments and send police to my house looking for me and scaring my kids.

    2. Rigoberto says:

      bruhh i like my phone number!!!!!!

    3. Odis says:

      this number calls me at least once a day! Never leaves a message...I never answer

    4. Columbus says:

      Will not leave message in my voice mail, ever!; when calling. Nor it texts my inbox. This is an unknown number.

    5. Leandro says:

      +254 739 421 343  This is how the number appeared in call display. Not a typo though looks like ph # is wrong format (too many characters).

    6. Mauricio says:

      Spam - caller ID said "Home Design Center."

    7. Freddy says:

      Did you get a call or text from 688-1342? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?

    8. Ruben says:

      Woodforest Bank, collection agency that harasses you if you dont make a payment? Lady has called me twice and has demanded money or a lawsuit would be brought against me within 48 hours if I did not pay!! When I told her that  I would rather talk to an actula WF Banker she says youre a grown women and need to pay your bills and you are wasting time.

    9. Laurence says:

      called this # back, recorder says # not in service.

    10. Adalberto says:

      This is a company offering me a Walmart gift card for visiting their website, but I have not put my phone number on a website to get a card.

    11. Randy says:

      It is some from home security trying to sell to me. Everytime they call I block the number and they use a different number to call from. Its frustrating!!

    12. Timmy says:

      my father has been getting calls from this lady stating that my father owes money on something he order by mail which he never has..she requested a prepaid card for the pmt...she makes harrasments to him so he can pay her..

    13. Irving says:

      Calls my cell phone number every day and the message is no more notices. I have no idea who they are. How do I get them to stop calling?

    14. Jamison says:

      Stalking my life and very abusive

    15. Derick says:

      Unless Maritz Research is a collection agency; or Maritz lets a collection agency use their telephone number for spoofing----the only research this outfit does is trying to find poeple that owe money---and probably old,old debts at that. I have recordings of messages they left on my answering machine and compared to recordings left by Calvary collection agency they are identical. Also the same as Accet Acceptance collection agency(which is the same as NCO Financial). They are convinced that the person they are looking for is at this telephone number. Two years ago I told them I didn't know the individual several times--but they refused to quit calling. I have alot of fun listening to messages and researching the number--gives me something to do since I retired on the proceeds from a lawsuit from one of these out of control scum sucking collection companys. With about 15 minutes of research on the computer I found who they are looking for so I know they could do the same--if they would get off their lazy butts and find the information on their own. I will never talk to them but they can call all they want--just makes my case stronger(so my attorneys tell me) Love you guys--keep the calls rolling in!!