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    1. Damon says:

      I'm busy at this moment I'll call u when I'm not busy .

    2. Weldon says:

      I left the emergency clinic yesterday without being seen. Fell & hurt my hand monday evening & just wanted for someone to look at it. I did not want to be treated like others, no temp, no blood press take, no history investagation, no tag on my wrist, just someone look at it, maybe take an xray that is all.

    3. Guadalupe says:

      Calls my phone 5+ times a day, pre-recorded message, scam of some sort

    4. Dustin says:

      unknown caller. Calls cannot be returned on this no.

    5. Kelley says:

      210-301-0307 This has to stop! this number shoul be blocked

    6. Giovanni says:

      Showed on my CID as "Bob" what a scam.  Some home security salescall to my cell which is listed on the DNC.

    7. Jerold says:

      that someone in my house stole an item from gamestop

    8. Lindsay says:

      local number from the motor club of America. they do "work at home" stuff. though the buissness seems legitimate from online reviews I have had two unwanted calls so far.

    9. Fernando says:

      The woman that gives this number out to push her Craig's List Scam is just that a SCAMMER. Do NOT wire her any money, money grams, etc. She says the vehicle she is selling for $2,400 is parked in HER garage in Lemont, IL .. But the number she gives out is a land-line phone number for Beulah, Michigan, but yet she says that she is CURRENTLY living in Illinois? Scam. She listed the same vehicle alll over the U.S. via Craig's List. Numerous people have flagged her as a scammer. BEWARE! This "Jennifer Klump" is nothing but a scammer. Do NOT fall victim to her.

    10. Wilburn says:

      Caller ID said Prevention. They asked for my son, oddly enough. Told them wrong number...

    11. Jerry says:

      Same thing here 3 calls to 1-473-407-4444 totaling $60.00 my adult son made thinking they were just free out-of-state calls. Our carrier Cablevision tells me there is nothing they can do since the calls were made. They told me there are many International telephone numbers that only require a 1 in front of it. Most International calls are 011 then the number or at least 01 then the number. This is a scam that this chat line company is running. We need to get the FCC involved. Who knows how many people have been scammed already. Most of you are from 2008. Here we are now 02/2011 and it's still going on. What a shame?

    12. Samual says:

      left no message, but constantly calling

    13. Brady says:

      Just received a call from this number 203-051-3739. After a major lag a Filipino sounding man came on saying that he was calling from Windows technican support and over the last few days my computer was logging a number of internet errors and he is calling to take control of my computer to clean up and correct these errors. I said I am not interested thank you. He then said you have errors and require that these be cleaned up. I said again I am not interested because I don't trust you. He said I should trust him and I said "well I don't". He then got mad and hung up the phone. What is the angle here? What are they trying to do? How does the scam work? Anyone have any idea

    14. Hilton says:

      I'm on the do not call list and these still get through! so not right!!!!!!!!

    15. Isaias says:

      They call me and dont say nothing