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    1. Gaylord says:

      Me acaban de llamar de este teléfono asegurándome que eran de Telefonica de España S.A.U., con todos mis datos y pidiéndome un OK para enviarme una oferta de duplicación de velocidad gratuita (cosa cierta, pero llamando al 1004).

    2. Will says:

      A Automotive 206 S 11th St Waco, TX 76701 254-307-9806 A Automotive is offering Auto Radiator Repair Service, Automotive Air Conditioning, Brake Rotor Replacement in Waco, TX. Call for more details. Auto Repair, Automotive Air Conditioning, Brake Rotor Replacement, Auto Diagnostic, Auto Radiator Repair Service

    3. Chauncey says:

      I received a call but I did not respond. I guess it was a call for fraudulent purpose.

    4. Hayden says:

      Someone from this number calls me almost every day. I don't know who it is and I don't answer it since I don't recognize the number.

    5. Gregory says:

      When I called back I got a recording offering to take me off their list, or to register for a consumer hardship program. According to the recording it is a federally regulated program, but appears to be spam.

    6. Odell says:

      got a call from this number saying they are calling on behalf of Total Home Services with a message from the homeowner. I don't know the number or the company and when I asked what the message was I got the same speech, but the other party would not tell me the message, just kept asking if I was the home owner. I tried to log a complaint at the do not call site, but the site is overloaded and can't take a complaint at this time.

    7. Maria says:

      scammmm dangerous dont answer

    8. Dominique says:

      i need more info why i received a call from this number

    9. Chauncey says:

      "...she was taking a survey..."

    10. Brett says:

      I hate these jackazzes too. I just got a call. I texted back to them what I think of them.

    11. Armand says:

      Guy calling himself Richi or Mr Bone, keeps caling all hours of the night, been doing it now for almost 2 weeks straight nightly, STALKER/NUT JOB Did some research apparently his name is John Barak and he is married and his wifes name is Elizabeth, wonder if she knows he is calling and harrassing and stalking random women for no reason!!! John & Elizabeth Barack live in central west end area and will have STL police look into this if he can not stop calling at all hours of the night!!

    12. Jerold says:

      called this number back, recorded message says thanks for calling amo recovery

    13. Darell says:

      Wow! You are a really good telemarketer. For a moment there, I thought you actually had a point. Then I the old "common sense" pill that I take everyday started working. Don't buy sh*t? By saying this do you mean don't buy anything at all or don't buy the stuff you guys are selling? Yoou know how people really save money? Well, it's by not purchasing things that they never intended to buy. When someone calls me that I didn't ask to call me I get pissed. Call me crazy but I believe the reason that most people don't appreciate calls from telemarketers is because they are unsolicited. I didn't ask you to call me! So leave me alone!

    14. Rolland says:

      Do not let it txt me hattaa

    15. Aldo says:

      This phone number 256-690-9678 is a cell phone belonging to Cooks Pest Control & a worker named Sammy. Called my cell number 2 or 3 times & finally left voice mail & he was up front with me. The work order he had had the number to contact & whoever typed in the number typed in the wrong number & said he was sorry & he would not call back