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    1. Bill says:

      Prerecorded message endorsing Stewart Bracken (sp?)

    2. Gonzalo says:

      yes, the woman called me by name, and was talking to someone in background about the price of take out and how much they needed

    3. Rickie says:

      have received 3 calls from 312 area code. could not reach 1st 2 calls. they said the people were busy taking other calls. just received a call today from heather bradley saying i was a finalist in the change your life sweepstakes and by the end of the month they were going to award the prizes and i was definitely going to win one of the prizes. they would notify me by mail. i did talk to her live on the phone. it was not a recording like the other 2 phone calls.

    4. Russell says:

      Sent text offering free best buy gift card

    5. Emilio says:

      We have been receiving these harassing calls from an automated source with the introduction recording sounding something like this.

    6. Taylor says:

      Everytime they call I get a live person on my answering machine talking to someone else!  the don't leave messages just rue chatter with a coworker!

    7. Arnoldo says:

      I just received a call (at 7:45pm!) from a Mr. Eric Shelton who left me a message in which he pronounced my name wrong and asked me to call back 800-897-8296. The caller ID said a different number, 678-228-2948. I am CONSTANTLY getting calls from this company, and my relatives are getting calls for me from this company. It is usually an unnamed woman. I don't trust it.

    8. Davis says:

      it is Children's Luekemia foundation obviously looking for a donation. I called the number back to see who it was.

    9. Roman says:

      When you pick up, it hangs up. When it goes to voicemail, it hangs up. Keeps calling repeatedly.

    10. Andy says:

      Just got a call from 218-253-9898, too. Not calling it back, though.

    11. Eugenio says:

      sent me a text did not have in my contacts

    12. Byron says:

      block this person permently! !

    13. Rolf says:

      I recieve a call text to my cell phone saying you won a 1,000.00 gift card for walmart's  and to claim    gift by entering code # 4444to recieve my gift voucher now! And when  I tryed to call the phone no. that was listed also, a recording came on saying that no. don't excist.  Why am I  not shock!  The nerve of whoever the crank is.

    14. Marty says:

      Two calls on successive days. I don't know anyone in Maine.

    15. Lindsey says:

      I got a call from this number AND they call me twice in one day as of MON MAR 15 2010.