915-744 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Cortez says:

      this is like a telemarketing business that says u applied for a job position.

    2. Earl says:

      i got an call from alex williams  and jan froma an complay called bitguar/asi solutions  saying that a civil case has been filed aainst me  and for me to be prepaired  but they cant tell me who i owe

    3. Rubin says:

      Girls be Leary.. Mostly police txt u when u say no txt asking rates &incriminating questions

    4. Reynaldo says:

      Spam, needs to be investegated. Several calls after 9pm on a weeknight. No messgae, when i do answer it was a recording for a car company.

    5. Keneth says:

      I have gotten 6 calls from this number in the past 15 minuets. When I answer no one is there and all I hear is a beep every few seconds. I have taken my phone off the hook, in the hopes that they will stop calling.

    6. Fritz says:


    7. Aurelio says:

      calls my number, never leaves a message, only a call back number

    8. Mariano says:

      Calls often. Leaves no message.

    9. Randall says:

      People are very rude when you talk with them... I asked if I can mail in a small payment at a time until the debit is paided off and they said no only through credit/debit or check by phone. I am sorry I only mail checks and they kept making threats about turning my file to an attorney. The they said I could westernunion the payment and I said fine but it is going to be what I can afford at the moment and I will keep sending small payments. The man asked how much I told him 25.00 and he said "Oh no that is not enough" and handed the phone to the next rude person to tell me "ok we will send this to an attorney and it will cost you way more than you owe. Very rude that whole office

    10. Will says:

      I did not answer & they left no message.

    11. Jonathon says:

      I couldnt really understand wat they was saying

    12. Marion says:

      This is the call center for LINCARE OXYGEN suppliers.  I was waiting for a callback from my tech & did not answer.  He left a voice mail with a local number.  I told him why I did not answer & he said that was the call center number for Lincare he - had asked them to "patch him through" to me when they called him!

    13. Randall says:

      It's probably Toronto District School Board teachers Vivian Mavrou, Varla Abrams or Gordy Stefulic using fake numbers to solicit sex from students. Or it could have been Mary Gowans calling that student for an early Xmas

    14. Carl says:

      Just got a call with Toby Portener on the caller ID.  The number is 512-215-3637.   Some nonsense about needing to speak with somebody named "Mike" about "charges being filed".  Scam!

    15. Major says:

      Junk call. I regularly google mysterious phone calls 99% are spam