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    1. Gaylord says:

      books fake appts to waste your time as a joke. used the name james

    2. Darren says:

      Missed call. Did not speak to anyone

    3. Levi says:

      Had a call from number +2070985550. tried calling back but couldnt get through

    4. Monroe says:

      They use an auto-dialer that just keeps dialing numbers in sequence. They don't know home phones from cell phones from business phones, nor do they care. They don't pay any attention to the national Do Not Call list, nor to their own list they claim to maintain. Entering your number on their automated DNC list only gets it added to a list of real phone numbers they can sell to others. Considering all this; their disregard for federal law and their rudeness to people they are soliciting, do you want to trust them enough to do business with them? I didn't think so... What can you do? Keep them on the phone as long as you can by asking them to tell you about what they can do for you -- without giving them any real info about you. Just waste their time like they waste yours.

    5. Jackie says:

      Got the same call from Rachel as a recording. I just hung up. I too am on the do not call list.

    6. Emory says:

      Too gay for me to @this particular moment in my life

    7. Federico says:

      A verizon customer (says the operator) has made multiple multiple hang up calls past 2 days.  I want it stopped immediately. If Verizon unwilling to mske their subscriber stop (248-200-9193), I willhold them as wll for breach of contract & they (Verizon) will be sued along with the subscriber that has been hsrrassing me (this is a patient after hrs roll over line). stop this nonsense from you 248-200-9193 subscriber now.

    8. Rogelio says:

      252-830-1020 is this Barbara Southerland Interior from Greenville NC?

    9. Eldon says:

      First call no answer. Second call person states her name is nicole and Tells me to stop playing games.

    10. Lon says:

      Legitimate company. This is Wild Native Inc. They own Five Rivers Delta Safaris in Spanish Fort, AL. They also run Boat tours from the Mobile Convention Center and rent Canoes and Kayaks in the area. They return a lot of calls using this number, when you leave a message for their services. I had left a message about Kayak rentals with 5 rivers, when they called back from this number.

    11. Max says:

      I called them back and bugged the s*** out of them...now they blocked my number...one time i called gave them a fake name and num....they said Yes you owe 1500 or criminal charges will be filed.

    12. Dannie says:

      left threatening texts msgs this morning.  Is your phone number on your facebook page?

    13. Rigoberto says:

      Its a scam a guy named Antonio told me he was from Hispanic global and that I needed to pay a product I have no idea what it is and he said all I needed to do was send the money through western union and call him back with the code and that that was gonna be it. ITS A BIG SCAM

    14. Josiah says:

      Got at least 10 calls so far.

    15. Dominic says:

      Trying to sell prescription cards