914-579 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Lauren says:

      Bill collector has multiple different numbers that call every day

    2. Adolfo says:

      This number calls my elderly neighbor who does not own a computer, and she phones me to see if I can help get these calls stopped, which I don't mind at all.  I have put her number on the "do not call" list, and they continue to call.  She takes several naps each day, and they are disturbing her to no end. I thought this was against the law and if not, it most certainly should be!!  She says she pays extra to AT&T  to block such calls. This is a shame!!!

    3. Asa says:

      They called and said crude and sexual things!

    4. Wilfredo says:

      I received 2 calls today from a Tracy Bradley as well. I do not know who this company is!!!!! But what I do know is that they are breaking the Fair Debt Consumer Protection Act (FDCPA). I do know that if a company is calling and leaving a message about a bill/debt they are only able to leave the company name, they can leave their name, and a phone number. When they are leaving theses messages they are breaking the law. They are also committing third party discloure. They are leaving detailed threating messages on your phone, They do not know if it is your phone or a shared phone where anyone can retreive the message. I am like the other postees and will not return the call,

    5. Edwin says:

      Calls constantly.never leaves a message

    6. Damian says:

      got phone from this number

    7. Forrest says:

      SPAM Texts - Saying I won $50 Target Gift Card

    8. Charles says:

      talking dirty and harassing people

    9. Lindsey says:

      Computer called credit interest rate spam.

    10. Ricardo says:

      I received a text message referencing an item I posted for sale. The guy, "Jasper" wanted to send me a certified check for this auto part I had listed. Stunk, noooo REEKED OF SCAM. I texted him back stating it sounded like a scam. Who buys a $100 dollar car part with a certified check? CASH BABY OR NO SALE!

    11. Brenton says:

      Keeps calling. Comes up unknown then lists number in recent calls. Don't answer

    12. Wilber says:

      Scammer illegitimately using the Safecount.net name to lure people into a check cashing scam in an attempt to get victims to wire funds from Money Gram offices.

    13. Theo says:

      The owner of the cell phone with this phone number walked out of our shop when he came in to pick up his mirror, with our bosses cell phone in his hand, stolen off of our counter. Merchants BEWARE!!

    14. Junior says:

      Debt Collectors, VERY pushy!

    15. Bo says:

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