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    1. Daren says:

      Got a call from this number. Caller hung up the moment I answered

    2. Lester says:

      This was a call from RIST Transportation, calling to confirm someone would be available to receive a freight shipment I was expecting.

    3. Glenn says:

      just got a call from the same number. it happened right after i send a message on facebook with my number. I wonder if that has any connection. I hope not, thats why i sent it through message and noot my wall

    4. Rubin says:

      This number keeps calling my cell and not leaving messages.  I called it back and it just says thank you for calling our customer service department. It did, however have an option to press 2 to have your number placed on our do not call list.  I took that option and will see if the calls stop.

    5. Denis says:

      Our company offers general contractor services in Fort Myers, FL. We can help you with home improvement projects - we give quality work at affordable prices. Our experience of 20 years assures you the quality of work we provide.

    6. Nicholas says:

      I got this in a text saying a contact of mine had told them the send me a link which was on the text, didn't take a chance on the link. I'm from California and don't know anyone in Michigan where the number is from

    7. Otto says:

      this number called me 17 times in a row. On the last call they left a threatening message that they were going to send sherriffs to my house. I called them back, they answered "hello" instead of a business like greeting. He changed his mind 4 times on who his client was. he said there is a case against my ssn. first he said it was from capitol one, then wells fargo, then us bank, then credit america.. I believe this is a scam and they are trying to screw ppl out of money. they call my phone constantly, even after i told them i knew they were a scam. I have a large number of messages from them from threatening to someone moaning my name!!! it is ridiculous. Do not answer to this number!!

    8. Luigi says:

      They just called me ... who knows who it is if they are hiding under a 000-0000 number. They never said anything, dead air and then hung up.

    9. Sterling says:

      Postcard rec'd from Nielsen Company, 501 Brooker Creek Blvd, Oldsmar, Fl 34677 stating it is important that my household is included in their survey.  I don't know if this number is theirs but it indicated on CID that it was Neilsen.  We do know CID can be managed.  The best way to have shows changed is contacting the companies buying the ads....  skip right over Nielsen.

    10. Foster says:

      Calls constantly even though I've asked to put on do not list.

    11. Vance says:

      this person calls and leaves no message.  calls via various numbers.  what can we do to stop this nonsense?

    12. Noble says:

      When I say hello, the caller always hangs up

    13. Peter says:

      Just got a phone call from this number. If I don't know the number.. I don't answer! So glad I didn't after reading these reviews! Thank you very much for sharing what they said!

    14. Chi says:

      Game Stop- Morgantown WV

    15. Elisha says:

      I told you leave me alone I'm done. Your heartless and I know it .