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    1. Eugene says:

      I have had this number call my three times todday as well as leaving a message on my work phone. He identified himself as an assistant state's attorney this time, he has been an attorney and a cop, and threatened three judgements against me, as well as arrest, and getting me fired from my job. I have just filed a complaint with the FTC, and will contact the police and the credit reporting bureaus.

    2. Basil says:

      Harrasment he is cursing me out and I am scared of it.

    3. Troy says:

      there trying to claim to their me.. and texting everyone i know

    4. Brant says:

      He has a new number. 5203337132. Same exact messages as all of the posting on here.

    5. Beau says:

      Community. Called over 20 times in 24 hrs.

    6. Blair says:

      I wish do not share any person

    7. Gerardo says:

      I get two or three calls a day from them. They never leave a message.

    8. Emery says:

      I dont have a credit card

    9. Clay says:

      They think they are so slick......I am pissed after the 10th call this week from them I had enough, working in the judicial system I decided to file a suit, if for nothing else to have these “low lifes” stopped.

    10. Cyril says:

      never have pickrd up but calls often

    11. Efrain says:

      This number called my at&t virtual receptionist 7 times this last month and left a voice mail message of nothingness, dead silence for each message was under 5 minutes long but over 4 minutes and used all my monthly minutes up in doing so. Last month it was another number also from California and did same thing to monthly allowed minutes forcing me to have buy more minutes to enable me to use the service. Does AT&T have some type of SCAM here??? I've seen this accusation mentioned elsewhere before. to

    12. Scott says:

      Same message that comes from 707-723-4478 about seniors falling. Twice I have asked them to put me on the do not call list. The guy told me (very rudely) that I was receiving this call because I had checked off a box somewhere, sometime, about being contacted for offers. This is BS, because I never, ever check those boxes. He said, I will read to you what you checked off. Then proceeded to read it very rudely, with attitude. I didn't even argue the fact that I never check those boxes because he wouldn't believe me anyway. I just said, Take me off now. And hung up.

    13. Isiah says:

      I have deduced that it was service magic. They did not leave a voice mail.

    14. Brant says:

      Got a call this morning from that number. Said hello but there was no one there. I also have a 207 phone number... Very weird

    15. Lyndon says:

      Unsolicited sales call, they call 4-6x a day