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    1. Spencer says:

      Credit card I don't have keep calling

    2. Val says:

      Picked the phone up...No one said anything...Called back, no answer. I did a reversal phone call... and this came up "This number is a cell phone based in Russell Springs, KY and is unpublished." Copy and paste from the site... This stuff needs to end, it is really ridiculous.

    3. Garland says:

      fake number jus hangs up when you call back it says number doesn't work

    4. Thurman says:

      I just want to verify the exact name and address of the caller; does a reverse lookup service can help me?

    5. Chadwick says:

      I didn't answer. I don't know the number

    6. Billy says:

      I received flowers for my birthday from someone I didn't know, however I called the florist and they said this was the number the man left, the name he left was Gray Hall. When I called the number there was a recording "welcome to verizon wireless your call cannot be completed as dialed, check the number and dial again".

    7. Brendan says:

      retard from ohio asking about my Craigslist ad in Maine

    8. Connie says:

      Som crazy lady......seems she lost her cat.

    9. Johnnie says:

      Trying to sell credit cards for them.

    10. Micheal says:

      This number called me and when I return the call I was told that I was calling sprint 411 service. When I asked them what number is was calling they said 310-555-1212 or 714-555-1212 depending on my service area. I advised them that someone was using 310-555-4417 and having it call back to their number. They are initiating a trace for these calls now. I am in a long line of people that are having this problem and then being charged for 411 calls $1.40 a call. Total problem here someone is hacking. Do not call back will be charged by your phone carrier.

    11. Jamie says:

      This telephone number is coming from the City of San Antonio Police Department which is located in San Antonio, Texas.

    12. Paul says:

      many names butt keep on callin 3 time a dayy sometime more

    13. Bobbie says:

      Laser hair removal company that just wont go away.....

    14. Sanford says:

      This is Mr. Sandra Onorato and I will be your personnel manager.

    15. Diego says:

      Just got a call from them and I do not answer phone numbers I do not know. I looked up on here and I tried to call them back to see who they are and all it does is ring and ring.