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    1. Michael says:

      I heard recently that someone found out the callers location and went there unexpectedly, and when the person answered the door, the caller beaten to within an inch of his life. local news

    2. Dewayne says:

      I got 1 text from it saying "hey babe". My bestfriend got a text from the same number calling him by name. I searched this number and it says that it is from a Philadelphia area. We both don't live anywhere near there and are really confused.

    3. Robbie says:

      Call from 205-210-4143 to call back ASAP at 866-815-8647 about an unresolved debt. Wanted me to confirm my address, email, and social so they could send me a letter to appear in court. Said they are willing to resolved over the phone for a small amount of the 1,900 that I owe from 2008. If I confirm my bank account number they will settle for only 519 which would include any fees for his time. This whole thing is BS. Do not trust someone that has your info. I have no unresolved debt. Stated his name was Joseph but when I asked where he was located so I could make an appointment to come and resolve any information or dispute this claim he said I was wasting his time and that he was going to court today regarding this matter. Go to court Buddy, good luck with that!!!.... LMFAO

    4. Rich says:

      I have been getting the constant calls from 209-320-9606, caller ID says Verafast.  They were calling a while back also but eventually stopped.  I never answer their calls and they never leave a message.

    5. Augustine says:

      marketing. will call twice a day. block them. dont even send to vm just hangup!!!

    6. Walton says:

      There is no charge for this... it has been confirmed.

    7. Christopher says:

      I hope you all get hit by a buss for what you did to my mother that is dead now....

    8. Alphonso says:

      This is the fifth call from 312-625-5627.  I answer, they hang up.

    9. Bobby says:

      Met this guy (on this number) through POF, will send overtly sexual messages, has an accent. I wish more people would post the weirdos online to warn us!

    10. Hobert says:

      The owner of this phone puts business cards on your winshield then you call them not to place them there then he will hang up on you. This is an advertisement to buy and tow away cars.  Well, he put one on my new car, and I don't appreciate someone touching my car to put a ad business card on it.  I don't know about others but I do not want someone leaning over or on my car which can scratch or damage a car and then they won't take care of it.

    11. Noe says:

      very rude people called me all kind of name because i call them they left me a message at my job so i call boy they called he all kind of names and this have been going on for a month i just don't call are pickup the phone when i here the accent

    12. Jarod says:

      They call me non stop but thanks now i can block them

    13. Paris says:

      i got a call from above mentioned number whom does it belongs to

    14. Morton says:

      No message. I didn't answer.

    15. Frederic says:

      Vendedores extraños