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    1. Kraig says:

      Called, no message. Got spam written all over it!

    2. Dana says:

      I received a call from a foregin caller on my vm asking me to call him back at 240-720-1997, He said he is calling from some kind of attornies office and needed to have me or my attorny call him back right away and if I don't some terrible thing would happen...I don't believe it, it's a scam.

    3. Tyree says:

      I had to block this phone number, they called me probably 15 times and left 2 second messages until today. It said "this call is for xxxx xxxx. If this is not them please do not listen to this voicemail. If this is them please listen. Please do not listen if there are other people around who can hear this voicemail." and it cut off. I called him back private and he would not even give me his name or the company name unless I told him my information which of course I was not going to do. He hung up on me and I am just very freaked out by this guy knowing my first AND last name.

    4. Damian says:

      this was a robocall from "Cardmember Services" which I believe is a Credit Card scam

    5. Fernando says:

      It's advertisement, it'll call then hang up after their first ring. Disregard

    6. Burt says:

      Same as the rest . . . calls  doesnt leave message and when I call back and its busy????

    7. Jerry says:

      a # RJB was calling in Jan 2010 @ 98032

    8. Gaylord says:

      a friend of mine got a call from this number and thought it was me because the area code. every other place i tried to look up the number through said you had to pay to find out who it was. then i found the number on here! Thanks for letting me know that this is spam

    9. Kennith says:

      I got a call giving my given name and my passport number, saying they are calling from Delhi police and hey have a case from Interpol against me. I asked him what is the offence, he said i dont know but your passport will be cancelled and you will be deported back to india. Your case is with Advocate SC Gupta call him on 07838627398.

    10. Willis says:

      Recording offering job opportunity

    11. Gregg says:

      multiple calls with hangups

    12. Ollie says:

      block all calls,text messages,emails.

    13. Valentine says:

      I got text saying Your entry last month has WON, go to this link, and enter your winning code...to claim your free $1000 card. I never entered such contest.

    14. Abram says:

      this jerk was just arrested and is facing 14 years in prison for stalking. 3-4 years ago he was texting nasty messages to my wifes little sister, the police did not do anything at the time. now 100's of victims later they have arrested him

    15. Seymour says:

      i missed the call but they called 1 time. when i call back it pick up doent say anything and hangup... had to look it up on the internet.