910-797 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Denny says:

      I received a couple of these same calls telling me that I have a legal suit against me. has even called my family members to get me to call and make a payment. was advise to contact authorities!

    2. Adolfo says:

      I got a second call from this number yesterday afternoon. It was a female asking who addressed me by both my first and last name. She asked me if I still live at 4*** Oak***** ? That was an address from my early adulthood. She also had my current phone number. I did ask her where she obtained my information and at least she admitted that they got all the information through public records. The "church" of Scientology will do anything to get your $$$!! I just told her that I am born a Christian and will die a Christian. I told them I would never become a fu**ing Scientologist ever!!! That will get them to stop!!!

    3. Samual says:

      Spam about iPad3, received at 5:35 a.m.

    4. Jamison says:

      Caller ID: NELNET which stands for National Education Loan Network. Collection agency for student loans???

    5. Pedro says:

      i just recieved the same kind of call... stated he was going to have me arrested. he would not give me any details. just threats..this is all while i am at work. i have no idea what loan or company he is even talking about..and when i finally got a date from him of the loan..i checked all my checking accounts.. there is no deposit or anything close to what he stated..

    6. Adolph says:

      got a recording about a diabetes drug, I am in Michigan.

    7. Edmundo says:

      This is Midland Collection Agency. they are a collection Company for T-Mobile. So there trying to settle a debt bill.

    8. Rolando says:

      They said some about a credit card I dont have.

    9. Hipolito says:

      Wanted to purchase airline tickets from Africa to the US.

    10. Ivan says:

      Asked for personal information.

    11. Tommie says:

      This number is for Bay Area Credit. They collect debts for T-Mobile.

    12. Leland says:

      keep texting me about e cigarettes

    13. Lucio says:

      Don't answer harassing me

    14. Elias says:

      Yes, I got same experience from a caller 214 200 0000 today. It is mysterious. Obviously, there is scam...I tried to contact there but no response and it was just the beep.

    15. Marcellus says:

      got the same "do you want to have a drink" text.