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    1. Errol says:

      Says the number is not in servoce try to call winniprg police at 204-986-6222

    2. Bradly says:

      recorded message saying diabetics and those with heart attack risks should get a medical alert. I pressed 1 to speak to an operator. Gave his name as Nick. Later as Nick Kelly. Refused to give any contact information on the robocall company or let me speak to a supervisor. Said he was selling services for safelinealert.com. Callerid showed as Selican Tech. Left complaint with State of IN because I'm on the do not call and because the call did not have a live operator at the beginning.

    3. Micah says:

      precorded Visa debit card locked scam earlier this afternoon.  Hang up

    4. Emile says:

      Just received the exact same call.  I have receive this call more than once a week.  I have told them that I do not want them to call me back and to take me off of the list.  How do we get them to take our numbers off of their list?  This is so frustrating.  And today when I told him that I know that I do not have any problems with my Windows, he told me that I did and that he knew it and I would be in trouble if I didn't listen to him.  I hung up.

    5. Ignacio says:

      They keep calling, sometimes they leave a message and sometimes they dont. Please stop calling

    6. Son says:

      I get occasional calls from this number. Called about 5 times before today. Left message this time only. It is someone I know. I have no way of calling back this number.

    7. Doug says:

      Me too, I'm in Central Va

    8. Jefferson says:

      Fake caller ID - TELEMARKETER SPAMDo not do business with these criminals. If they can't be honest about calling numbers on the DoNotCallList, then WHY WOULD YOU EVER LET THEM IN YOUR HOME?They either are marketing for their own company, or likely they sell the lead to a contractor. The contractor either knows about it or not.I usually tell them about a "dream" project so they will make an appointment. When they call back to make the appointment, I tell them I'm on the other line and can I get a number to call them back (now that they are catching on to me, they sometimes call from blocked numbers to confirm the appointment)I then confirm the number is valid and report it to the FTC Do Not Call list at www.DoNotCall.gov

    9. Ward says:

      harrassing calls and text messages .

    10. Orlando says:

      I got a phonecall from this phone number and it ended up being from Comcast.

    11. Willian says:

      i got about 20 calls from this number

    12. Fritz says:

      Sallie Mae. the place that calls 8 times a day to try and take your money that you need for your family to live on and asks for information they do not need to know!

    13. Damian says:

      received a threatening phone call from a nasty woman. she had personal information of mine which is scary. she demanded i make arrangements for a loan from 2002 which i never took out and i told her i need something in writing. she said they can not put anything in writing until i agree to pay back the loan. crazy!

    14. Juan says:

      They sent me a text saying "Hi, let's talk urgif.com it's Katie by the way"... sounds like spam.

    15. Herman says:

      received 25 text messages