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    1. Buford says:

      every time they call they don't answer but you can tell they are on the line. I also called the number and got the same message.

    2. Lance says:

      3 second delay then I was asked if I wanted any one of 4 vacations. I hung up.

    3. Everette says:

      Same thing here.  I get that call so much that I recognize it immediately.  Thank goodness for the ignore button!

    4. Tyree says:

      selling SEOs Marketing company

    5. Sang says:

      wrong number stop calling this phone

    6. Rob says:

      Flaker. No call no show after DAYS of pm'ing.

    7. Harley says:

      I got a call from this #. CID says "Steam Wonder" this is a recorded sales pitch for vent/duct cleaning. I am on the DNC list so should not be getting these calls. I filed a complaint on the DNC website and asked that they get fined. This is BS and I guarantee they will not get any of my business in the future.

    8. Barney says:

      Roofing, Siding, Roofing Contractor, Home Improvements, Roofing Repair Service in Mooresville, NC. (828) 310-9033

    9. Robbie says:

      ------------------------------------------------------- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION J Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Attention,Joel we received your email in our office and stating you need our phone no and addresse, BELOW IS OUR PHONE NO,,,,,,, 3472983311 MARDISSON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY, WITH OUT DELAY YOU SHOULD FORWARD YOUR DETAILS TO HSBC BANK LONDON BEFORE THEY WILL PROCEED FOR THE TRANSFER WITH OUT FURTHER DELAY. You are to contact them and comply to their request Via the below information; CONTACT PERSON; MR. DANNY GREEN POSITION; .Director Online Account Dept. EMAIL; hsbcbank49@gmail.com Do contact them immediately and get back to us so we can monitor the process to ensure that your payment is released to you, e irrespective of the amount involved. We wait for your compliance to the instructions from this honourable office. Yours Faithfully, MR .ROBERT MUELLER, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI.

    10. Cruz says:

      What can I do with this spam caller?

    11. Jaime says:

      Wanted to know my date of birth... Could not give a reason why... Hung up

    12. Conrad says:

      Called once; left a message that they were calling on behalf of the Dallas Children's Theatre.

    13. Robin says:

      This Rotten Scumbag Called Today and had Nothing to say but I could Smell His Bad Breath over the Phone ,, If You try to Call the Number Back it says this Number/Call could Not be Compleated as Dialed and Please Try Again ???? ,, Glad to Report this so everyone knows that this is Not a Real Call but a Trick of somesort

    14. Roberto says:

      Text for free Iphone 5 testing with link. Deleted

    15. Eloy says:

      About them buying junk cars