909-737 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Vincent says:

      Spam call saying that I have won walmart gift cards.

    2. Vaughn says:

      I was told the first 1000 people to respond to this text would receive an Apple iPad3 for Beta testing. You had to call quickly and use the code Beta.

    3. Sheldon says:

      I did not get a chance to answer.

    4. Dorian says:

      Watch out with this number, I received a call saying " I kidnap your brother, He gave me your phone number and that is why I am calling you ". Somebody wanted to extortion me by threating to kill him.Because I have no brother here I report it to the Police.

    5. Robin says:

      convict liar gay con artist

    6. Dorian says:

      SCAM, the person who called from this numbe rclaims to be Dennis Parker and giving away free PRESIDENT OBAMA money but only after you wire a fee of $125 to India. Claims his company is located at:

    7. Moises says:

      had the same thing man called with a heavy indian accent saying he was going to issue a warrent if i did not pay a bil he was very rude and  i will report them to the ftc  and he would not give me any type of information on anything i will be contacting my attorney i dont need to put up with this.

    8. Eusebio says:

      just left me on hold. Never came back

    9. Shannon says:

      Same directory name as spam calls from Houston and Dallas. Did not answer

    10. Carlos says:

      Dummies wont leave a message they just keep calling,,pisses you off!!!

    11. Kirby says:

      General number from Henry Ford Hospital in Troy, MI

    12. Jesus says:

      Ive been getting these crazy calls as well....simply call your cell phone carrier and have them blocked.  Its a 90 day block with my carrier.  Hopefully they would get the message after that period of time.  If not call carrier back and replace the block.

    13. Pat says:

      A lady called ashley Smith Phone: 202 470 6766 who said she works at 200 Independence Building Washington DC 20201 said I will receive a $7,500 grant from the US government (for joining a Demographic Survey) and the Grant Number is AS 001. I have to go to a western union and transfer $251 (I have to bring my cell phone to talk to her supervisor, picture ID, and cash) and once i transfer, in 15 minutes, I will receive the $7,500. If this is a scam, please someone arrest these people.

    14. Palmer says:

      This is a collection agency named KEARNS BRINEN AND MONAGHAN. They are NOT a law firm. They are just using the last name of the owners to make you THINK they are something they're not!

    15. Vince says:

      Spam some guy says he works for wal-mart rewards center