909-607 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Rudy says:

      Am receiving one or two calls a day from 213-256-0053

    2. Anton says:

      Selling things from Get-motivated seminar

    3. Rolando says:

      I received this call a moment ago and it was from:  Montebello, CA.  I heard a couple of clicks and then I hung up.  I am on a no call list but I have been receiving this type of call (more often), for the past month.

    4. Lyman says:

      I get calls from this number and similar ones like it several times a day every day. I don't understand why the phone companies can do something about these harassing calls?

    5. Frederic says:

      This guy does not get it.  I've called and asked him to take me off the list as I am on the do not call list.  He was very argumentative and said that I don't know @#!* about what he can or can't do.  I would like to find him and clean his clock or put him out of business.

    6. Willis says:

      I got a text from this number, by that came threw as briankirk1959.  All it said was "Good Morning"  Very strange, this number isn't even legit.

    7. Carlo says:

      Yes, Crooks they are - I can't believe we feel for this.  

    8. Spencer says:

      Got many calls from this number. The caller sounded like an old woman. She said she's looking for Janis? I told her many times she has wrong number, but she kept on calling. I am about to call the police for that!

    9. Florentino says:

      i receive a phone call from this people today at work,and i heard about the scam that this people is doing,i pretended that i want to give them money and want to settle this without going to court,o i ask for all the information on how to do this they wanted my credit or mac card number and pay them rigth there and now i said hell no im not giving you any off that untill i see a paper work and show it tomy lawyer,they hang up on me,i call back and they didnt answer,i left a message pretending to b a polce officer but they never call back,now im the one that keep calling them just for the fun of it,this time the number is no longer in service,im waiting for them to call again,they just dont stop,i been getting call from this people for 2months now,they sound like indian or something dont fall for this is a scam!!!!!

    10. Rosendo says:

      This is www.sweetwater.com. They are a very popular music store. They provide great customer service and have only called me to follow-up on my orders.

    11. Eddie says:

      hyena's comedy night club

    12. Rafael says:

      This freak keeps calling my phone to 11 to 15 times aday.

    13. Weston says:

      I received one call. The woman, foreign sounding, said it was the US Defense Department. I thought it was legitimate, but I unfortunately had a nervous tic and couldn't stop stuttering for several seconds. I then commented on an echo I heard over the line and the woman hung up on me. All attempts to call back were met with busy signal. The caller ID listed OHIO and the number. I thought I missed something important until I saw several comments about this number.

    14. Harry says:

      Called to say that the iPod I just bought was stolen

    15. Blair says:

      I have been getting a call from this number at least 3 times a day. I never answer it and do not want any more calls from this number.