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    1. Laurence says:

      One of many from multiple numbers in diffrent AC.  No one on the other end

    2. Clayton says:

      Mine was from 1-206-242-5542 but it was a cruise for 2 to mexico.  A woman left a voicemail and a confirmation number, I was to call back at 1-800-920-4701.  I did not sign up for anything and did not call back.

    3. Jere says:

      numerous calls from this number.  haven't answered.

    4. Ervin says:

      They just called my home with the same urgent mesage, requesting access to my computer. They were receiving error messages from our computor and they urgently needed to resolve the problem

    5. Kirk says:

      Two calls to my cell. if you answer you will hear a Ships horn sound and say "This is your captain speaking". Just a sales call. Telling you you won a cruise! LOL! free cruise if you go to their seminars to sell you a condo or something stupid. They are calling my house phone too, which is listed on the national do not call list. So obviously these telemarketers do not follow the rules! After adding my name to the list, I rarely receive any sales calls.

    6. Johnathan says:

      Text from 231-613-4270 saying to call H & R Block. This is the third spam phone text #.First was 347-338-3326 saying they were 1st Midwest Bank, got about 10 texts, then 919-249-5382 said they were another bank, got 5 texts. This is a phone with NO texting. Called Sprint and they said they would block texts, but they still keep coming. All these started after a trip to Hawaii where we had to leave the cell number as a contact #.

    7. Mickey says:

      Did not leave a message, looked online my recent spam calls in the past few hours from this number.

    8. Conrad says:

      One thing people can do is:  1.  report their threats to the MN State Attorney General Office  1-800-657-3787   or   651-296-3353;    2.  It is illegal for a debt collector to call before 8a.m. or after 9p.m. and they can't make threats and can't use bad language;    3.  As soon as you hear the debt collector or any unwanted phone call, tell them that this phone call is being recorded---"In MN you are legally able to record any conversation and use it in court as evidence as long as ONE person in the conversation knows you are recording it"  Which means, you don't even have to tell anyone, because YOU know it is being recorded, YOU are the one person!!!  But telling them that it is being recorded and you will use it as evidence or telling them after they say all the bad stuff that it was recorded on your end tends to scare them enough not to call you again; 4.  A voice activated digital recorder is inexpensive and a must these days.  (It is sad tho that we have come to this.)

    9. Art says:

      repeatedly calls, leaves no message

    10. Sergio says:

      text message spam offering to get naughty

    11. Abraham says:

      Offer to lower credit card interest rates. Phone number is listed on federal do not call list.

    12. Claud says:

      Called 7 times within 30min

    13. Ken says:

      They have called 3 times and won't say who they are....

    14. Nicholas says:

      Received the following email in response to a furniture ad I posted on Craigslist: From: ryanrobert606@gmail.com Hello,Is the above listed still for sale? Here is my contact number below.. (323) 488-5506.TEXT ONLY.

    15. Terence says:

      Says no in service. Must be telemarketer.