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    1. Fabian says:

      They are selling a steam iron in Garden State Plaza mall kiosk, this product doesn't work and also ruins your clothes with stains.

    2. Hollis says:

      calls keep coming up as 252615562604 it rings once then hangs up. finally get a chance to answer a couple times and its some arab screaming in the phone. I tell them to stop calling, and then it gets incessant. I finally answered and yelled in the phone "I dont understand you, STOP CALLING ME". seems to stop for a day...then starts up again.

    3. Lenard says:

      Text saying that I was randomly selected for a $1000 Best Buy gift card and they told me to click a link to redeem it.

    4. Stewart says:

      it's some sort of online shopping habit survey, I didn't complete it but you supposedly get a $50 wal mart card if you complete the survey. probably just will put you on a list for other telemarketers or junk mailers.

    5. Karl says:

      recieved call and message I think they are go phones but the person was messing with me about something of a personal prank he played and now the phone # is not listed.

    6. Lloyd says:

      trying to sell you house alarm security.

    7. Brett says:

      218-878-9298Collection agency calls for someone with my last name but Dion as first name. The guy's wife/girlfriend has the same first and last name as my wife's maiden name. Have gotten calls from citibank and a home loan place looking for him also.I guess the collection agencies and skip tracers link the names together, and then find my number in the online phone number database and figure that the debtor may have used a different first name.

    8. Orval says:

      who is this number belong to?

    9. Hubert says:

      1 voice message claiming to be Debbie from Sallie Mae and asking for me by name. She wanted me to pass a message on to a Maria Escamilla (never heard of her) saying that Maria qualified for a student loan but had to call by 9:00 that night or it expired. Obviously a fake call, but I don't know why she has my name, or what she really wants.

    10. Garth says:

      bosley hair restoration add

    11. Gerardo says:

      can't find out who this is and why they keep calling the house...I try the so called FREE reverse phone number check ups and they all want money to let you know who they are.  What a bunch of bull there too.

    12. Moshe says:

      Repeat calls. No message

    13. Lynn says:

      This number keeps calling me

    14. Taylor says:

      I keep getting calls from these bed wetting cretins that speak some form of gibberish english. I was having fun with them for awhile, but, I would like to use my cell phone for more than entertaining these foreign born, inbred, knockle-dragging, mush-mouthed dolts. I play with them by calling them by hitting redial constantly and wasting their time.

    15. Gerardo says:

      well stop calling hookers