909-352 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Wendell says:

      These people call over 20+ times a day and when you ask them to stop calling they continue to tell you about a government survey. It doesn't matter if you say your not the person calling they don't care. They begin to get rude and say sexual thigs. They hang up if my husband answers the phone. They call from many phone numbers such as 800, 888, 281, 512, 713, 254. They have an area code for the are you live so your not sure who is calling until you answer the phone. I have told them everytime they call I will call the police for harrassment and they continue to call. I have turned over the log of phone numbers I have to the police and complaints with the Do Not Call List. Please stop these Sand Nigors from calling women and harrising them.

    2. Tod says:

      I recieved 2 calls from (270)705-7469 but was not able to answer. I would like to know who this number belongs to though.

    3. Israel says:

      if you received a call. ignore.

    4. Eddy says:

      Who are these annoying people.  They called me on 4/18/07 in the middle of the day.  Do not leave message.  I have a brand new unlisted phone number.  How did they get it?

    5. Blake says:

      They Did the same exsact to me i asked from were he Was and he hĂșng up

    6. Sid says:

      I did not answer, Mr number blocked the call for me.

    7. Dante says:

      wants to sell magazines and trying to get your info!

    8. Ali says:

      3 calls and 45 text mesages talking about my family

    9. Britt says:

      The company that owns the number is called Advanced Telecom Group. I am adding this to my first comment.

    10. Lupe says:

      People have strong Indian accent and say something about a loan.

    11. Ned says:

      I have decided not to answer these any more

    12. Edgar says:

      do a google search people. it come back to a mary miller

    13. Napoleon says:

      They've been calling here for at least three years...sometimes several times a week, sometimes only once or twice a month.  The caller claims to be from the Canadian Business Bureau (there is no such entity) and always wants to know whether we have found a new location.  Our company relocated almost 7 years ago.  

    14. Edward says:

      This is a company with a recorded message attempting to sell you security alarm services. The company mentions the FBI so of course when you hear it initially you listen

    15. Sebastian says:

      I have also been receiving calls from this same number.  There is no reason why a collection agency would be calling me, I figured it was fraud.  I've had both a rude chick leave me messages on my voice mail and a guy.